2003 Goals – The Review

At the beginning of the year, I decided to make some goals instead of New Year’s resolutions with the hope that I would be able to achieve them before the end of the year. We all know that New Year resolutions are meant to be broken.So how did I do? Did I meet my goals? Well here is how I did:

Goal 1 – To eat healthier

I am definitely doing a lot better than I used to. I don’t eat a lot of greasy food. Also, I am eating more than one meal a day nearly every day. Yes, I am still missing the occasional meal, but at least I have learnt to make myself eat.

Goal 2 – Attend the gym

I started to attend the gym at the beginning of the year, but stopped going due to money restraints. Although, I have got some dumbbells at home, and I have picked them up once or twice this year.

Goal 3 – Quit smoking

After several feeble attempts to stop smoking, I am still puffing away on a Marlboro (I am as I write this). Though I will stop.

Goal 4 – To be happy

This year has definitely been one of my best years that I have ever had since coming out. I have never felt happier within myself and my surroundings. I am more comfortable with myself than I have ever been.

So out of the four goals that I made, I would definitely say that I have met two for sure. Now it is time to make the goals for 2004.

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