2004 Goals – The Review

Well it’s the end of the year, and it’s a time to look back and see if I have met my goals that I set myself at the beginning of the year.

Goal 1 – Quit smoking

It looks like it is one of those goals that I have never met. I try and I can do a couple of months without smoking, but then I just end up buying a packet saying that one won’t hurt. Doh!!!Looks like I shall have to try again next year!!!

Goal 2 – Look after my health

I would say that I have met this, although I could have tried a little harder in a few places.

Food wise – considering a couple of years ago, I was really ill due to lack of food. I am now eating a lot more and a lot more healthier as well. I think Chris has something to do with that though, cause he is always feeding me up.

Mental wise – I have never been so contempt for ages. I can’t be any happier. Yet again, Chris has a big part of this. Without him I think I would probably still be stuck in my own little rut.

Fitness wise – This is probably where I am lacking the most. Apart from walking everywhere, I don’t do much else. Ideally I would like to have a home gym, and then I can spend a hour at home a day doing some exercises.

Goal 3 – Visit Edinburgh

Well I have sort of met this one, but not in the terms that I meant. I went to Kirkcaldy at the beginning of the year, and had to stop off at Edinburgh to change trains. So yeah, I met it.

However, I did mean a visit as in stay there, see family and have a night out etc. Maybe one day. Chris wants to visit my hometown anyways, so maybe next year!!!

Goal 4 – Complete my Bad Taste Bears collection

At the beginning of the year I was outstanding 8 from my collection, and now I am outstanding just 4. Considering that nearly 30 were released this year, I think that was quite a good.

The four that I am missing are probably the most expensive ones as well. I do intend to get a few of them, but probably not all of them. I can’t afford to pay £700 for one bear!!!

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