2005 Goals – The Review

It’s come to that time of the year again where I look at the goals I set myself and see if I have either succeeded or it’s just a new year’s resolution under a new name.

Goal 1 – Quit smoking

Guess what? I’m still smoking. I think I made a few feeble attempts, but I always ended up smoking again.

I do intend to give up, just when I am ready. I don’t think I was ready this year.

Goal 2- Exercise

Okay, I have half-heartedly attempted this. I am already getting a hours walking exercise at least 5 times a day while walking to and from work. More than a lot of people out there are getting.

Occasionally, I’ll use the dumbbells or something, but apart from that my exercise is very limited.

Quite disappointing really.

Goal 3 – New Years Eve not in Manchester

Well I didn’t do well with this one either. However, in my defence, I thought I would have been working on New Years Eve. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks prior that it was agreed I could have it off, and it was too late to organise to go somewhere else.

Yet again, we headed to Essential, but purely because that’s where all our mates were.

Hopefully next year, we can do something different.

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