2009 Goals – The Review

At the beginning of each year I make new year goals instead of resolutions. However, I have noticed I have not been reviewing the goals since 2005, which would just make them as pointless whether I completed them or not. So I am going to start again this routine again.

At the beginning of 2009 I made 5 goals that I planned to do, although did I achieve them is another thing:

Goal 1 – To run 500 miles

Silhouette of man runningAt the beginning of the year I was into my running and did see this as a possible achievement. However after the Edinburgh Marathon I haven’t ran since, so the goal wasn’t achieved.

After being hit with injuries galore, I wanted a break from running and that is what I did. Then, as time has past, there has been several changes in my life which has meant that running has had to take a back seat. As I now work weekends, I am unable to do any races anymore and kind of makes the whole running thing pointless at the moment. Will I get back into running? Maybe, but I am just not in the mood at the moment.

Goal 2 – To run the Edinburgh Marathon

Edinburgh MarathonWithout a doubt this was one goal that I was determined to achieve as I was running it for my Aunt Linda.

The training and running the marathon was one of the hardest things I have done, but at the end of it, the greatest achievement to date.

A full race report of the Edinburgh Marathon can be found here (new link coming soon).

Goal 3 – To recycle more

RecycleI didn’t do much in relation to recycling in 2009, which is a little disappointing. Although, how can you recycle when all the recycling points have been removed.

At the end of year, the council have brought back the recycling bins for the flats, but I am reluctant to use them due to previous experience and lack of security. And there is still a lot of stuff that can’t recycle. So still utterly pointless.

Maybe this is something that I will try and do more of next year, but until the council improves their recycling abilities, then I ain’t going to lose any sleep over it.

Goal 4 – To blog more

TypewriterCompared to 2008, I have actually blogged less so in a way failed with this goal.

My website, including my blog has taken a bit of a back seat this year because I have been so busy with other things.

I have a huge list of jobs that need to be done and just no time…or energy, to do it. I do plan to get it a bit up to date soon though. And maybe then, I will blog more as well.

Goal 5 – To actually suss out what I am gonna do this year

Don't knowThis goal was going to happen, but in what context I had no idea. I have to say I think it’s turned out for the best. 2009 has seen so much change for me.

Firstly, I have changed jobs. After being made redundant I have gone to work at H&M part time. I am enjoying the job and it’s so different from what I did previously.

Secondly, I am now at university. I am currently doing a foundation year, but once I pass this (notice the positiveness there?) then I will start a degree in web development. Going back to education was hard, but it feels like the best thing I could have done.

So overall a mixed year in relation to the goals set. Can 2010 be any better?

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