2012 Goals – The Review

2012 is coming to close and it can only mean one thing…a good old fashioned piss up! Oh okay, and for me, also a reflection of what happened this year.

The majority of you set new year resolutions, which were then forgotten about before the end of January. But as I have said copious amounts of times, I don’t set resolutions; instead I set goals. Something that I can work on throughout the year instead of starting (and failing) at the beginning. This doesn’t mean that they are just as successful, but personally they normally turnout a little more positive than when I use to do resolutions.

So at the beginning of the year, I set myself five goals that I wanted to achieve. These mainly reflected three major events that are happening in my life at the time: education, renovation of the flat and fitness.

So how did I get on? I would say that it has been relatively successful, with each goal having some level of success:

Goal 1 – Complete my second year with good grades

MMU logoTaken into account that this was a difficult academic year for me due to family issues, I was still able to come out with a good grade. However, I was a little upset that I never got a ‘Letter of Commendation’ which I thought I would get.

However, I did win an award instead, so I can’t complain. I won the Ede & Ravenscroft Prize for Excellence, which I didn’t even know existed until I got the letter. On top of that, when I got back to university, I was informed that I got the highest mark in the faculty for that year. Yet, I still didn’t get a ‘Letter of Commendation’.

Goal 2 – Convert all my music to mp3

Image via the Gadget ShowThroughout the summer I did the majority of the converting of my music to MP3. If you know me, this isn’t just about converting. It also includes, all CDs being labelled properly, with the CD cover attached and within the relevant folder. Basically I have OCD when it comes to my music filing.

As I was coming to the end of the CDs, I kept on asking Chris where the other CDs were as I am adamant that I was missing them. But I just couldn’t find them, so gave up hope, and started doing other things. While de-cluttering the spare room of bears, I came across a large box which consisted of, yep you have guessed it, the missing CDs. So I started to convert these, but due to university and other thing this has had to be sidelined until I finish uni.

Overall, I have probably converted 85% of my CDs, so not all is bad.

Goal 3 – Downsize Bad Taste Bears collection

Image via Bad Taste BearsThis has been a de-cluttering process in preparation for the flat being renovated. And it’s been such a ball-ache to complete. To be honest, I am still not finished yet, but it will be done before the work on the flats start on the 10th January.

I estimated that I had approximately 400 bears. I have already boxed up over 481 bears into 6 boxes, and still have about 50 bears to do before this job is finished.

Once the work has finished on the flats, and I have finished uni, I plan to sell the bears (that I am selling), and put the money towards Chris & I’s wedding fund. It won’t buy much, but it will at least help us.

Goal 4 – De-clutter the flat

declutterThe de-cluttering of a property has been relatively successful, but I still feel that there is a lot of way to go. Although, with over 10 years in a property, you are bound to have collecting a mass of stuff, which you have never got round to throwing away.

This year, saw Chris and I donated a mass of stuff (mainly clothes) to Cancer Research UK, a charity that I have supported for several years. To date, the amount that this has raised from the stuff we longer wanted has exceeded £400 (including Gift Aid), so I am extremely happy with that. With the renovations happening in a couple of weeks, no doubt further de-cluttering will happen, but generally this has been quite successful this year.

Goal 5 – Get back to the gym

dumbbellsThis has been a little hit and miss. I got myself back to the gym after I finished uni, and was going normally three times a week, but then university started. While I still planned to make myself get to the gym at least once a week, this hasn’t happened. It doesn’t help that I have had problems with my back as well.

I am still paying for the membership, so it’s quite a money loser, but the hope is that I will get my ass back into the gym within the new year (after the resolution makers have quit).

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