2012 Goals

2012A couple of days into the new year, and I bet the majority have already fallen wayside to your new year’s resolutions. Come on. Admit it? Ah well, no worries, just pick yourself up and dust yourself down and start all over again when you are ready.

I really thought hard about what I want to achieve this year, and the major thing that I want to do is de-clutter. Especially, taken into account that the

Goal 1 – Complete my second year with good grades

MMU logoYep, that old chestnut again. Although, I think you are all aware that this will be appearing as a goal until I have finished the degree.

This year is definitely a hard one for me, so I just want to finish the second year with good grades. As much as I would love to still achieve the 1st marks I received the last couple of years, I am just aiming for a 2:1 grade this year.

I am definitely not gonna try and stress out too much if I don’t achieve as high as I have previously…hopefully.

Goal 2 – Convert all my music to mp3

For years I have been saying that I will convert all my music to mp3s, and I even started last summer but suddenly stopped. Much to the annoyance of Chris, as I have since left a CD trail of where I have been. This may not seem such a big task, but you haven’t seen my collection.

So this year I intend to finish what I started and convert all my CDs.


Goal 3 – Downsize Bad Taste Bears collection

Last year, after much thought I decided that I would reduce my BTB collection…drastically. And by drastically, I mean the majority of it. Having spent years trying to collect every single figurine (I was four away from completion), it meant that I amassed over 400 figurines. However, due to one thing and another, I have decided that I only want to keep the bears that I absolutely love.

So this year I am going to go through the collection and decide which ones I want to keep, and which ones I am going to sell, and claim back the spare room.

Goal 4 – De-clutter the flat

As the years pass, you buy loads of new things for the home, but you hardly throw anything out. This means you end up living in clutter galore. We all pretend that the ‘spring clean’ will get rid of some of the junk, but someone how we fight with common sense because one day we find a use for the broken mini disc player (remember them?) that you bought. Admit it, you just read that and thought ‘Oh my god, that is so true!’?

With the block of flats that I live in getting the much needed improvements that is needed (including a facelift), this is probably the best time to look at de-cluttering the house.

Goal 5 – Get back to the gym

This is just a simple a goal to re-join a gym. And use it of course.

I am going to wait at least until the resolution people have got bored and left before I even contemplate joining. And I am not going to overdo myself either by saying that I will go X amount of times a week. As long as I use the gym then I will be happy.

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