2013 Goals – The Review

With the curtains finally closing on 2013, it is time to do the obligatory look back on the year and see whether the goals that I set at the beginning of the year have been accomplished.

While there has been a few lows throughout the year, overall it has had its highs. There has been a several changes in our lives…for the better. Let’s hope that 2014 will continue to make these changes grow.

At the beginning of the year, instead of setting a new year resolution I set myself a number of goals. This is something that I have done for a number of years. Some of the goals have challenged, while some have just been for fun. My “Today is all about” photo-a-day project started off as a goal to provide some fun during university life, however I decided to keep it going because it became a photo diary. So for the fourth year, I intend to carry on with this project.

Last year, I set myself five goals that I would like to achieve through 2013, and I achieved all but one. Now though, I need to get my thinking cap on and see what 2014 goals are going to be. 

Goal 1: Finish university with a 1st

Graduation capsWhile I can’t remember much of my last year at university as it just flew by, I can happily state that this was a goal that I achieved.

The roller-coaster ride that is university life came to an end with a first. While I am happy to finish my studies, I will miss university life (apart from being permanently skint) and more importantly seeing the friends I have made nearly everyday, including my “wifey” Jen. Although, something tells me that we will keep in touch.

Additionally, I won the award Information & Communication Prize for 2013 for achieving the highest mark within the department. What’s that you hear? Yes, that is me blowing my trumpet.

Goal 2: A new job

Hire meAfter completing my studies my intentions was to find a new job within the industry, however this proved to be a lot harder than I thought. I think the main issue for me is my confidence in the ability to do the job that I want to do.

However, I have a new job…working at the university. It appears that I can’t keep away from the place. It’s a year-long internship, which I am really enjoying. While the majority of my work is web based, I have been able to tackle some other projects which I didn’t think I could, such as help on the international conference for CARPE as well as help with the relaunch of the Centre of Study of Football and its Communities.

Additionally, in the new year I am assisting with a university-wide project in relation to the intern recruitment and helping develop an online MA. So I should have some good projects ahead.

On a side note, I have also been doing some freelance work. At the end of the year I launched the website for DGH Personal Training, and I am waiting for the go-ahead to launch another website I have finished. Next year shall see me tackle websites for a Health & Beauty salon, Chris Holt Gardening Services and updating my portfolio website.

I am using my time in the position to improve my portfolio, skills and confidence, so come 2014 I am ready to take on a job that I would like to do on a more permanent basis.

Goal 3: Start planning/saving for the wedding

Wedding planner2013 saw some history being made when the Equal marriage bill was made law. This means that Chris and I will be getting married instead of civil partnered.

At the end of the year, we decided on the date that we are getting married as well as choose a venue. Next year is definitely going to be a busy year when it comes to wedding plans…with Groomzilla (me) trying to make sure everything is running on course. One of the first jobs of 2014 will be a stern word with the venue…which should be fun.

Next year is going to be a challenging time for us while we try and save for wedding, but thanks to family and friends for their support, it should be a lot easier.

Goal 4: Sell my Bad Taste Bears

Bad Taste Bears CharleneThis is a goal that I haven’t even tried to tackle. Until early in December, all my bears were still in storage.

We have had two empty display cabinets on show for months, but these have now been filled with the bears that I intend to keep.

However, come February I intend to start selling off the bears that I do not intend to keep, as the money raised is going to help with the wedding fund. This may sound like an easy task, but with over 300 bears still in storage, this is by no-means easy. It’s probably why I have kept putting it off for as long as I have.

Goal 5: Run 10k

RunningAt the beginning of the year, my gym attendance was low to non-existent. However, come the end of the year, I have made an appearance at least 3 times a week. In fact, after deciding to do classes on a Saturday morning, my attendance has increased to 4 times a week.

Running is something that I have always enjoyed and a part of me still misses competing with the runs. At least once a week, I can be seen running at least 5k in the gym. However, I set myself a goal to run 10k. It didn’t really matter in the time, it was more to prove to myself that I can still do it.

I surprised myself by achieving this early in the year…after not attending the gym for a few months.

I’ve still not decided whether I want to run in  a race again. I did try and enter the London Marathon for some stupid reason but I was kinda glad that I didn’t get through. Saying that, never say never.

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