2013 – Resolutions? Pfft! Try Setting Goals


2012 is coming to an end, and by now many of you have forgotten/reflected on last year’s New Year resolutions, with the majority of you failing.

For those that have followed my blog know that I have not done new year resolutions for a number of years. Instead I have set myself goals of things to achieve throughout the year. The main difference is that you don’t have to start goals straight away, it’s something that you can work on/build up to before doing.

I’ll admit it, it’s not always been that successful at times, but some of my goals have been a little out there or due to unforeseen circumstances I haven’t been able to meet them, but as the years have gone on they have become a little more successful.

Also, they don’t always have to be serious. For example, in 2011 I set a goal to do a photo a day project, which I am still doing because I enjoyed it.

So instead of setting yourself a new year resolution, set some goals on what you would like to achieve this year. Give yourself a couple to do throughout the year, and if you like, let me know what they are in the comment section below.

Here are my goals for 2013:

Goal 1: Finish university with a 1st

Graduation capsWell this is the final year, so it would only seem fitting that this appears on my goal list one last time, but unlike previous years where I would state that I would like “good grades”, I am going all out and challenging myself to get a 1st.

If I carry on doing what I have done the previous years, then it will be achievable. However, this year is a lot harder. And when I say a lot, I mean there aren’t enough hours in the day harder.

However, finishing with a good grade last year has really put me in good stead for the final year. However, that doesn’t stop me from stressing out about it all.

Goal 2: A new job

Hire meNow that my university life is coming to an end, the next major step that I need to take is getting a job within the industry. That’s right, I have to grow up and be an adult now! (Yeah, even I am laughing at that!)

While I have thoroughly enjoyed Uni life, I am looking forward to the next chapter, and gaining more hands-on experience.

So at the beginning of the new year, I plan to start properly looking and applying. Fingers crossed, someone will see that I have the ability and take me on.

Goal 3: Start planning/saving for the wedding

Wedding planner2014 is the year Chris and I plan to get married, which is also fitting as it will also be our ten-year anniversary. So come next year is when we will both have to sit down and start doing the planning of the whole event.

Obviously, we have already thought of a number of things, but have not really talked properly and discussed the major things. You know, the important stuff?

The first thing obviously, will be to find a venue…get that booked and then we shall go from there.

Goal 4: Sell my Bad Taste Bears

Bad Taste Bears CharleneHaving packed up the bears and put them in storage until the work on the flat has been completed, the next stage is to obviously sell the ones that I no longer want.

With over 400 bears to sell, among other BTB merchandise, this is not going to be an easy task to complete. I am not sure how I want to proceed with the selling of the bears, but I am thinking a website with key pieces finally being sold on eBay. Well, I may as well use what I have learned over the last four years, eh?

Realistically, I know that I won’t get all the money I have forked out for them, but everything helps. Especially with the wedding to pay for.

Goal 5: Run 10k

RunningHaving quit running back in 2009, it was something that I had no intention of ever getting back into, mainly due to injury and not enough time. However, when I go to the gym I still love going on a treadmill and just forgetting about what is happening while having a run. It’s a great de-stresser for me.

With university coming to an end in May, I am going to make sure that I make time for the gym…and get back into running, albeit not as serious as I was.

So I wanted to set myself a goal to run 10k. I don’t necessarily mean in a race, but just running the distance that I used to like doing, as it isn’t something that I have tried to do since I gave up.


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