2014 Goals – Let’s Achieve Them


So 2013 came to an end and I suddenly realised that I hadn’t even thought about, let alone set myself, any goals for 2014. So here I am a week later, finally sitting down putting fingers to keyboard to drum out the 5 goals that I intend to do this year. And I haven’t gone for the obligatory ‘get fit’ one as I now feel that this is something that I am achieving…just about!

So here you go, this is what I intend to achieve throughout 2014:

Goal 1. Blog more

BlogLet’s be honest, 2013 saw my blogs get severely neglected, as I concentrated on other things, such as university and finding a job. After a busy January the only blogs that appears was the ‘Today is all about’ ones, and even they were late the majority of the time.

This year, I want to try and get back into blogging, both personally and professionally. My aim is to try and increase my readership, and going on the stats, it appears that the easiest way for me to do this is by talking about Bad Taste Bears and all things gay (especially sex – Torchwood gay sex scene is one of my most viewed posts).

Goal 2. Plan a wedding

Two groomsLater this year will see us Chris and I celebrate our 10 years together by getting married.  This is something that has been on the cards for a number of years after I got down on one knee (I actually did) and proposed to him at his 40th birthday party, but decided to wait until I had finished university.

So as you can image there is a lot of planning ahead to do for the wedding, and there is already an air of Groomzilla about me!

Goal 3. Sell my Bad Taste Bears

Kongo Bad Taste BearThis was something that I was hoping to have started last year, but never got round to it. However, it is definitely something that will need to start happening relatively soon, as the money raised is going towards the wedding.

I am being realistic and know that it isn’t going to go for as much as I paid, but it will help pay for something…maybe my kilt, which I have to buy because my tartan isn’t available to rent.

Goal 4. Stop biting my nails

Bitten fingernailThis is probably one of my worst habits that I have done since I can remember. This has meant that my fingers look like stubs, and not the prettiest things to have photographed, which will be happening.

Last year, I finally found something that made me stop biting my nails (albeit not stop playing with them), and that is gel overlays. Yep, I got falsies…but they worked! So maybe this is the route I will need to follow again this year to try and improve my nails.

Goal 5. Find a permanent job

Job huntingAfter completing my studies I started a 12 month internship at the university, so obviously this means I will need to look for a permanent position before mid-September reaches me, otherwise I will be out of a job.

You know what this means don’t you? Stressed Mike!!! Let’s just say being jobless before the impending wedding is probably not the best thing for my health.

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