2015 Goals – The Review

Another year has come and gone. It’s been hectic, exciting, and emotional. There’s been a new job, new friends, marriages and deaths. Some things I would love to repeat, and some I wouldn’t.

Each year, I set myself goals to achieve throughout the year. This year was a little lack lustre, some of the goals I didn’t even think about, let alone achieve.

Goal 1. Return to the gym

WeightsThis year saw me rejoin the gym, and then sent months paying for a membership, but never entered the building.

Although after a settling period in my new job, I have finally made my way into the gym to see that I have gained more weight!

The last couple of months have been a little on/off with gym attendance, but it’s been improving a lot recently.

Fingers crossed that this continues into the new year.

Goal 2. Expand my technical knowledge

KnowledgeWhen I wrote this goal, I was in a different job using some of the same skills that I am using new. But I’m also using a lot of new skills.

So with that in mind, my priorities in technical knowledge changed, to cater for these changes.

I have learnt so much this year, but in the same respect I have still got so much to learn as well.

Goal 3. New websites

MatrixMy personal website has seen the biggest change. It’s moved to a new home…well here (lifeofmike.co.uk).

The move isn’t 100% complete though, with nearly 600 posts to through originally, I now have 150 left. I knew it would be  big job.

In relation to my professional website, this is a little bit different. A new website address has been purchased (web-mike.co.uk), but I’ve done absolutely nothing with it. I just haven’t had time.

Although, I better start getting stuff sorted soon, as the old domain has expired and I’m about to lose the old site and email address soon.

Goal 4. Home improvements

Paint tinsThe most I’ve achieved, is well, nothing.

I’ve bought the paint for the office, and that’s about it! The thought of clearing the office the office to decorate it, just does not appeal to me.

The only thing that has changed in the bedroom is the bed. Apart from that, the shabby chic run down look is still what is happening in the room at the moment. No decorating has been done.

As for the cupboard…well that’s still just a Monica Geller style cupboard.

Goal 5. Finances

Money cogsFinancially, this year has definitely been successful. Bills paid on time, debt lowered (and will be cleared in 2016) and a little savings for a rainy day.

Let’s just see how 2016 goes. Fingers crossed it continues being just as successful.

In the not so distant future, the next thing we want to achieve is getting a rung on the property ladder.

Goal 6. Bucket list

Bucket ListLets just ignore this one shall we?

I didn’t even think about this at all this year as I’ve been too busy with everything else that is happening to even contemplate looking at this.

That doesn’t mean that I am going to forget about it. There are places I want to go and things that I want to see, and I want to achieve them. If not next year, over the next couple of years.

Goal 7. Start learning Spanish

SpanishAgain, lets just ignore this one too shall we?

Time was an issue. And truthfully, it was a little adventurous and unrealistic to think that I could achieve this at the moment.

I still plan to learn Spanish very soon

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