2015 Goals

2015: Happy New Year

As the sun of 2014 sets and rises on 2015, it’s that time of year where everyone sets themselves new year resolutions, which they know will be broken within a couple of weeks.

Since 2003, I have strayed away from setting a resolution. Instead I set myself goals that I would like to achieve throughout the year. Unlike resolutions, they don’t have to be started straightaway, and makes them more achievable.

So for 2015, here are my goals:

Goal 1. Return to the gym

WeightsI did a stupid thing last week…I weighed myself for the first time since October. Why would I even contemplate weighing myself after Christmas is beyond me!

While I knew I had put on weight, I was a little shocked by how much. A mixture of not going to the gym (I actually cancelled my membership) and not eating the right foods meant that I added 1st 5lb (8.6kg) of blubber.

I said then that I would need to get my sorry ass back to the gym, lose weight and gain muscle, and that is what I intend to do. Probably not in January though because that is when all the new year resolutionists start.

The irony is that I just wrote this while stuffing a Ginster’s Cornish pasty into my mouth!

Goal 2. Expand my technical knowledge

KnowledgeHaving started my new job in October, I learnt quite quickly that there is still a lot that I need to learn. While, at times, it has felt like I have just been thrown in at the deep end, it has really helped and I’ve enjoyed the experience. Apart from when I feel like I am banging my head against the table…cause that hurt!

So this year, I am planning to strengthen my coding knowledge, specifically in areas around Sass & JavaScript (including Angular and Node).

Goal 3. New websites

MatrixLast year, I decided that I would replace my professional website, and started the process of doing this, although it was sidelined due to work, my wedding and finding a new job.

The plan is to get this up and running properly in 2015. Although, now as a married man, the current website address (www.mdalgarno.co.uk) seems null and void. So a new website address is also on the cards.

Additionally, my personal website (this blog) will also be on the move. WordPress.com has done what it needed to do, but it is quite restrictive in what it offers. So it seems apt, to use this opportunity to transfer it to a new site and give it a little overhaul.

Goal 4. Home improvements

Paint tinsAlthough Chris & I would love to move, at the present moment in time this doesn’t seem to be an option for us (unless we win the lottery). So instead we plan to finish decorating the flat.

Due to time and money restraints (weddings aren’t cheap), there is a some places that still haven’t been decorated since the renovations in 2013, so the plan is to do that this year.

There are three main areas that I would us to like to tackle in 2015:

  • Our bedroom
  • The office
  • The cupboard

At the minimum, the bedroom and office will both get a paint job. Although, I would love new carpets in both rooms, and a new bed in ours.

The cupboard may be the smallest space, but it is the one that needs the most work. When the boiler was removed, it became a Monica cupboard…full of junk! So a proper clear out is required and new shelving added to make it a more useful space.

Goal 5. Finances


Money cogsIt is fair to say that its been difficult financially since starting university, although things are looking up for us now even if it is nice and slowly.

I am now in a situation where I am managing my finances relatively well, there is still a lot that can be done. This is something that I would like to improve through 2015.

The plan is nice and simple: pay bills on time, reduce the debt, and try and save for a rainy day…or even a treat.

Goal 6. Bucket list

Bucket ListThere comes a time in everyone’s life where they reflect on the past and wished that they achieved more. Mine was my 25th birthday! 12 years down the line, I think it’s about time that I did something about it!

So this year, I want to tick things off my bucket list, whether it be an activity, an event or visit some place new (abroad or within the UK). It doesn’t necessary need to be a huge thing, such as skydiving (which is on my list), but it could be something that is deemed as normal…such as riding a horse. Yep, I have never ridden a horse!

Originally, I was hoping to tick off one a week, but realistically that will never happen (I just don’t have time…or money). So instead, I am going to aim to tick off at least one a month.

Goal 7. Start learning Spanish

SpanishOn top of all this, I would also like to start learning Spanish. Every time that I go on holiday, I feel guilty that I don’t speak (or even attempt) to speak in Spanish. I have this pure fear that if I do, then they will be insulted of my attempt to speak the language. I would like to overcome this.

I don’t expect to become fluent, and I don’t even plan to try that either. Although, it would be nice to try to say more than “gracias” and “por favor” by the next time I visit Spain.

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