2016 Goals – The Review


If you look back on 2016, a few people may agree that it’s been quite a shitty year. Whether it be the death of one of many iconic figures, the world-changing decisions of UK leaving the EU, the bizarre decision to make someone with no political experience, and the attitude and short fuse of a 5-year-old, president or even the rise of far-right neo-Nazis leading to an increase in hate crimes and deeming it acceptable.

Personally, for me, 2016 has been a mixture of good and bad. At the beginning of 2016 I gave myself goals to work on throughout the year, this is a rundown of how I went achieving them.

Goal 1: Friends

Friends playing in the sea

The plan this year was to spend more time with friends. 2016 saw my friendship circle grow. I’ve grown closer to some friends and made new ones along the way.

I’ve kept in contact with old friends, although sometimes not as often as I would have liked.

However, a big lesson that I learnt, is that friends aren’t always friends. Some are worth nothing more than being acquaintances. There isn’t anything wrong with that, I’ve just needed to learn to treat them just as that.

Goal 2: Holidays

Starfish in the sand

The plan for 2016 was to get away for at least one break. We did three!

The husby and I finally got to go on our honeymoon, where we ventured to the beautiful Venice. If you haven’t been, then I suggest going for a long weekend. I’d say a week is probably too long, as there is only so many pictures of gondolas and bridges you can take.

We also went on holiday to Gran Canaria with some of our best friends. Both the husby and I hadn’t been to GC for over 10 years, and it really hasn’t changed that much, apart from a few pubs being replaced. Although, we had a great time and hopefully wont leave it another 10 years before venturing out there again.

Finally, we went away for a camping weekend in Wales, with our friend Aled. This is turning into an annual thing. While the weather wasn’t perfect and there was no mobile signal, it was a great weekend.

Goal 3: Work

Write code with chalk on a blackboard

The plan for 2016 was to develop my technical knowledge, and after a year at my new job I think it is fair to say that this has happened.

Although, after a good start of the year, I felt like I lulled a bit at the latter. So next year, I want to get back to where I was mid-year. I want to progress further with web development. Both professionally and personally.

Goal 4: Reduce body fat

Man measuring body fat

After being body-shammed because I no longer had a 6 pack, I decided that for 2016 I want to reduce my body fat.

I have really enjoyed getting back into a gym routine. Additionally, I also enlisted the help of a personal trainer to try to help with my body dysphoria issues.

This year I’ve lost approximately 8% body fat, and over 1.5 stone. For the first time in a long time I’m far more comfortable and happier with my body.

There is still a long way to go until I’m entirely happy with the I look…but I’m getting there.

Goal 5: Tough Mudder

Man with Scottish flag painted on face popping out of an ice bath

After ‘forgetting’ to do Tough Mudder in 2015, I agreed that I would do it in 2016. And I did!

From someone who doesn’t like getting dirty, it’s fair to say that I was a little apprehensive. I did the course with Aled, and a few of the guys from OutdoorLads. A great bunch of people, and the team work coming from the group made me love the whole experience.

Obviously, the days after where full of aches and pains and at one stage I felt like I was going to lose a nipple. Part of me wants to do it again next year.

Glutton for punishment?

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