2016 Goals

Happy New Year 2016

As 2015 closes it’s doors, it’s time to think about 2016. Each year, instead of making resolutions, I make goals. Something to achieve and work on throughout the year.

Here are my goals for 2016:

Goal 1: Friends

Friends playing in the seaOver the last couple of years, life has taken over. Work, education, and family have been an important factors, and always will be. This did mean that other aspects of life, such as friends, went on the back burner.

After spending time with some friends, it got me to do a lot of soul searching to realise that I may be neglecting them at times.

So for 2016, I want to reconnect with my friends. This doesn’t mean that we’ll see each other every week. Just that it wont be as big as a gap between visits/nights outs.

Goal 2: Holidays

Starfish in the sandDue to other work commitments last year, our planned holiday didn’t happen. And that was kind of a bummer.

So for 2016, we definitely want to get away for at least one break.

Currently, we have three vacations planned: on our own, with family, and with friends.

So this year looks promising.

Goal 3: Work

Write code with chalk on a blackboardOver the last couple of months, work has been great and also challenging. I’ve learnt so much and I know I’ve got so much still to learn.

This year I want to achieve success at work. I want my technical knowledge to keep growing. I want the company to benefit from the confidence they had in me. And in the long run, I want to eventually progress within the company.

Goal 4: Reduce body fat

Man measuring body fatAfter a disappointing gym attendance in 2015, while maintaining the food consumption (if not more), I was rewarded with weight gain. Go figure!

This does not make me happy, especially when my belly has been the subject of conversation on a number of occasions. The last being on New Year’s Eve, when I was poked in the belly and asked ‘what’s this?’

I wouldn’t of minded, but the guy that did it wasn’t exactly Slim Jim either!

But regardless of that, I’m aware that I am not that bothered about weight loss, but more the fact I want to reduce my body fat. In 2 months since returning back to the gym, I have reduced my body fat by 6%.

I want to continue on losing the body fat, go from an average rating, to good. And if I lose weight in the process, that’s a bonus.

Goal 5: Tough Mudder

Man with Scottish flag painted on face popping out of an ice bathLast year, I agreed to to do Tough Mudder with my mate, although I just didn’t get round to booking my space. I ‘forgot’.

This year, after being shamed and to be made to feel guilty for chickening out, I am now booked for Tough Mudder 2016. Although, all I need to do now is turn up!

I am looking forward to it, but I am also dredding it. I can’t even do chin ups, so this should make the assault course entertaining.

At least I have until September to get trained up. Lets hope I make regular gym appearances to help build my muscle strength.

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