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2019 Goals – The Review

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It’s near the end of January, and have a little time on my hands, so I thought I’d finally sit down and review how badly I did with my 2019 goals.

How was 2019?

2019 was a mixture of emotions. What originally had the potential to be a good year, turned sour quite quickly, and I’m still feeling the ramifications. Additionally, we lost two of our babies (Todd & Tubbs).

However, a lot of happy memories were also created and this is what I want to concentrate on.

9 pics for 2019

We finally got the house in order to hold our house-warming.

For those that know me, I love the theatre (more so than the cinema), so it was great to see a number of productions including ‘Rotterdam’, ‘Rocky Horror’ and the brilliant ‘& Juliet’.

We were also able to attend weddings for our friends, Bradley & Gary and David & Carl. The way our group is getting married we will all be coming the Stepford Wives!

I joined the Gay City Bowlers, made some friends and had the pleasure of doing Manchester Pride Parade with them.

While we didn’t get to do some of our planned travelling, I did get to doa work trip to South Africa and returned to Gran Canaria for Winter Pride.

And finally, I became a great uncle to the most beautiful boy, Robin.

2019 Goals Review

Each year, instead of setting new year resolutions, I set myself goals, on things I would like to try and achieve throughout the year. Each year, I think why bother, but then I go ahead and set goals for 2019.

At the end of the year, or in this case the beginning of 2020, I like to look back on what goals I have set and see what I have achieved…or not!

Goal 1 – Make a house a home

selective focus photography of four silver keys with brown house keychain on brown surface

It’s fair to say that we have a growing list of stuff we’d like to do to the house, and we’ve been able to do some of the work.

We built a vestibule (when I say we, I mean the in-law), the husby landscaped the garden, and we (and I do mean we) laid a new kitch floor.

We sort of made the loft useable (aka put some wood on the rafters and thrown our junk in it), but it hasn’t been done properly. The plan is to get someone in and to do it properly.

Goal 2 – Professional development

MacBook Pro near space gray iPhone 6 on white wooden table

I kinda achieved this goal too, although probably not to the extent that I would have liked.

I did complete a number of courses and I learnt something new. It wasn’t React as I predicted, but Vue.JS.

Although, I didn’t get to build a new website as I just didn’t get time or had the energy. Although, I have one in the pipeline.

Goal 3 – Fitness continues

topless man holding black dumbell on right hand

My fitness has continued, and I am still loving going to CrossFit. Yet, I have had to miss a few sessions due to injury or illness.

An area that I wanted to concentrate and improve on was my chest. However, this continues to look like I have an A cup, so I have totally failed on this goal.

Goal 4 – Bring back organisation

person holding three assorted pictures

Let’s not even go there. I basically did feck all about this. Instead of organising the stuff I wanted to, I have let it build-up even more.

And it is frustrating me to hell. I have to sort this out pronto!

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