Anti-Gay Ad Pulled – Too Little Too Late?

Over the last couple of hours, there has been an outcry on all social media networks…well not all; does anyone actually use Google+ anymore? Sorry, I digress. Social networks have been full of disgust about the plan for Transport for London (TFL) to have anti-gay adverts being sprawled over some of their buses the following week.

Within hours, after much outrage on Twitter, major news sites were also discussing the plans of Core Issues Trust and Anglican Mainstream. Additionally the Advertising Standards Agency had stated that they would investigate the adverts once they started to appear and feedback/complaints were received, as they are reactive to adverts to proactive.

Shortly after reading what was about to happen, new reports were then being issued that these adverts had been scrapped. There is conflicting information; TFL state they had made the decision not to run the adverts:!/TfLofficial/status/190488435159597057

While in other reports it was Boris Johnson who stepped in to prevent these adverts from appearing. Maybe it was a mixture of both, I don’t know, but to be honest the decision for the adverts to be scrapped was the wisest decision, although is it too little too late?

The adverts were originally scheduled to appear on five bus routes in London, to include top tourist destinations such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. Granted, a large number of people would have seen these adverts, but now these adverts have been seen by a wider audience…for free!!!

So while a lot of people are happy that the adverts are not going to be shown on the buses, Core Issues Trust and Anglican Mainstream are laughing at all this publicity and not having to fork out for one single bit for it. In fact, their advert is currently appearing, for free, on the Daily Mail and The Guardian website, among others…and if the story goes to press that means they may also appear in print as well. So are people celebrating for nothing?

According to TFL, the advert does not reflect their “commitment to a tolerant and inclusive London”. So I am sure I am not the only one to ask, how did the advert get to such a late stage before an intervention was made to pull it? Does this mean that all adverts that appear on TFL are not screened to make sure that they meet company guidelines (I am sure there must be some)?

If proper screening had taken place, there is a chance that this advert would not of seen the light of day, and this big ‘who-ha’ would have been more of a ‘meh’!

And while, I may sound like a damp squid to the success that the advert was pulled, I feel there is one positive thing that has come out of this. This decision has shown the world and certain religious groups, as not all groups are full of hatred, we as a country are not going to stand for this kind of attitude anymore.

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