BTBs – Bears of the World: Olga and Babooshka

Russia was the last country to feature in the Bears of the World range and on paper the idea looks great, but I am not really sure about it as a figurine. I am not sure which bear is Olga and which one is Babooshka. I am presuming Olga (Russian doll) and Babooshka (naked bear)

The set has a similar feel to Fabio (bear in a FabergĂ© style egg) that was released a while back, in which you opened the egg to find the bear. I was quite vocal on disliking this idea, as the whole point of me buying bears is for the bear to be on show and not hidden. This set has that similar theme. Olga is okay but nothing to write home about, but I have to admit that I do Babooshka. To me it’s the stance and facial expression that makes the bear look great. What makes this stand out slightly better than Fabio is that the bears can be stood next to each other

I also appear to have a manufacturing fault with the bears. Babooshka is designed to stand in Olga (there is even an indent for the bear to stand), but it can’t stand in that area due to the base inside being uneven. Doesn’t matter that much to me as I don’t expect the bears to be displayed like that.

So enough of what I think? Let me know what you think of the bear


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