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Several years back, OddCo that produced Bad Taste Bears announced they were no more. And while I no longer collected the bears, it felt like the end of an era.

However, the creator Pete Underhill wasn’t finished with the range, and not long after announced that Nemesis Now would start producing the bears. Although originally figurines were not on the table, it wasn’t long before a mixture of classics and new bears were produced; while I liked the new bears, nothing got me going ‘I want one’…until now.

Pete started a blog series announcing a dramatic change in how the bears would be developed. Instead of just designing the bears, Pete was also going to sculpt them using 3d printing. Reading these blogs shows the excitement and drive that Pete still has for the bears. And the bear he has chosen is just fantastic, especially if you’re a Disney fan with a sequel movie on the way. A Mary Poppins inspired bear called Beary Poppins.

The design was great and the humour is just what you’d expect from Pete, watching the trials and tribulations of the design process and the 3d printing added that little extra to it. It felt like we were watching Pete and Beary Poppins go through a journey.

Beary Poppins

So let’s talk Beary Poppins. Having watched Mary Poppins more times that I’d like to remember, I am surprised that it took this long for a bear to be produced. Here is a character that is prim and proper, that is just screaming for the Bad Taste touch. Although with Mary Poppins Returns due to hit cinemas in December 2018, it seems like now is an apt time to release one.

One of Mary Poppins key accessories is here bottomless bag, this had to be the butt of the joke and what a good joke it was. They always say that the innocent ones are the ones you need to look out for.

Emily’s Blunt

On top of Beary Poppins, Pete created a variation (only 10 available) that was just screaming a joke in itself. Emily’s Blunt is celebrating the new actress taking on the role in the sequel. And with a surname like that, it was clear what the bag contents would be changed to.

Personally, I prefer the original version, however, both versions scream classic, yet modernised, Bad Taste Bears.

Want to buy the bear?

You will find a list of stockists on the Bad Taste Bear site. Or try your luck on good old eBay.

Read Pete’s blogs about the design process

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Development continues…
Miss Poppins gets her bag filled
Adding colour and getting ready to print.
Test Print Time
Beary Returns, mostly
Now for the twist…

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