Bad Taste Bears : Dawn of the Ted (Part 2)

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The second installment of the Dawn of the Ted range has now been released under a similar promotion to  the previous bundle. This time it was to win a Self Catering phantom zombie. However, my luck wasn’t to be second time round and I didn’t win one. Saying that, I am not really bothered.

You only want me for my brains
You only want me for my brains figurine from Bad Taste Bears' Dawn of the Ted mini range

Personally this is my favourite from the current range.. Firstly the pose that she is taken is either unique or not commonly used within the range so it stands out to the rest.

I am not a fan of a bear coming in two or more pieces, but I like the head that she is eating from as it adds a little comedy value to the scary range.

Self Catering

Although I like this bear, I can’t help but look at it and think it reminds me of another bear that has already been released. It’s like a cross between Hannibal and Heinz.

Apart from that the sculpting and paint work on this bear is brilliant.

Rot n Roll

This is probably my least favourite from the range…saying that I still like.  I don’t know what it is exactly on why I don’t like it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it doesn’t fit into the range and more with the celebrity zombie event that happened prior to the range being released.

This is also the worst sculpted of all the bears in the range. My bear has a large section down the middle of the bear which is missing fur, the inside of the leg has the same problem as well as the seam being obvious. then there is issues with holes in the back of the head. Granted, I could have returned it and hoped that the replacement wouldn’t be as bad, but I couldn’t be bothered with all the hassle.

Now what do you think of the range?

  • You only want me for my brains
  • Self Catering
  • Rot n Roll
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