Bad Taste Bears – My First Signing

Bad Taste Bears FawkesFor nearly two years, I have been collecting these little blighters.This hobby started off with me just wanting the ones that I liked, which developed fastly to wanting them all!!!So, this has become a very expensive hobby to say the least.

This month, I saw the creator, Pete Underhill, appearing at the Gadget Shop in the Trafford Centre to sign the latest edition to the bear family, Fawkes (as in Guy Fawkes). So I decided that I would pop along.

The day before the signing, I met a couple of Nutters (as we are called), for a drink. They provided me with the relevant information, e.g. What time to get there. We also agreed to meet up and go together.

So, at 8.30am, I was on my way to the Trafford Centre to queue until 12pm. Mad I know, but hey ho. I had finally stopped queuing after 1.30pm.

The day, as a whole, was long and tiring, but great fun. Though, it did cost me a small fortune!!!

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