BTB Summer Event – Whipsnade Zoo

What a weekend, and it was something that was needed for a long time, although the beginning of the weekend was questionable. Firstly driving down to Gems, we didn’t just get stuck in one traffic jam, but two!!! One was caused because some numpt decided to drive up the road barrier on the other side of the motorway. Damn rubberneckers, although it was funny. And the other was caused because the junction that we want to come off the motorway on had been closed. And to top it off, it wasn’t raining, it was absolutely pissing it down!!!

However when we got to Gem’s & Chris’, albeit over 3 hours late, the weather appeared to have calmed down. And we were just in time for Pimms (You will notice that this is going to be a common theme throughout the blog), and within minutes the journey was forgotten about and everyone was catching up with what we had been upto since our last outing together in Blackpool.

The pivotal part of the weekend was the Bad Taste Bears summer event on Saturday. However this was the part I was least looking forward too. For some time now, my enthusiasm with BTBs has plummeted, and the event was something that I wasn’t looking forward to at all. If I hadn’t promised Gem I would attend the next event, I don’t think I would have gone.

As we went in to Whipsnade Zoo (where the event was being held) it was clear where the event was because of the queue (BTB Collectors loves queues), however the first one, which was for the event piece, past relatively quickly. However, as we looked for the end of the queue for the Snakes & Ladders game we realised we were in the queue for the long haul!!! But it was entertaining how we left Chris talking to the magician, while Gem, Karen and I looked through the window and the t-shirt entries.

We must have been queuing for about 45 minutes and when I finally got to play, it really wasn’t worth the wait. I won a Spanky print (which I wanted), a Spanky T-Shirt (or as I call it a dish cloth), a Shackleton Plush (which I gave to a kid) and a Pewter (which I already own). But that’s the luck of the draw, taken into account that I won well at Collectomania I can’t complain.

I then decided to hand my entry in for design a bear (I did a Kylie one), but the chances of winning are slim. If I didn’t put Kylie on the paper, I am not sure they would have guessed what it was meant to be.

After a quick look around the designated area, it wasn’t long before we found a corner and the Pimms was opened. At one stage we forgot we were actually at the Bad Taste Bears event and it was just a group of mates having a drink and a laugh. Although I am sure some other collectors looked on in disgust. Well, we were having fun.

After quite a bit of Pimms we decided that it was time to actually go for a wander around the zoo. Honestly, we were like a bunch of kids. Okay I was the kid going on the park etc.

I decided to end the event by doing a bit of painting. I was informed that I had just over a hour to get it handed in for the competition, so off I went and got my entry in on time. Or so I thought. Turned out the judging of the entries had already taken place, and within 5 minutes of me putting it down, then winners were being announced. I wasn’t happy, but hey ho!!!

The event itself was not the best one I have attended, however it was not awful and the people I went with made it a great day. I spent a fortune and came back with nothing. It always seem to be the way with these things. This is probably gonna be the last summer Bad Taste Bears event that I will attend. However if they shoved it on my doorstep then I would probably go, just to help a collector.

After the event, the group of us went out for an Indian at a place called Bollywood, which probably has to be the lushest Indian I have ever had. OMG, I so want one of those in Manchester. The meal was a proper laugh, but I am sure with all the drinking during the day, I may have been a little larry in the restaurant.

The day ended with a couple of games on the Wii Mario Kart. And I can say I was winning, but it has something to do with everyone else falling asleep more than anything!!!

Great weekend, with some really great friends. Until next time…

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