BTBs – Bears of the World : Cleo & Tut Wan King

Cleo & Tut Wan King was the brainchild of collector Booni. At the beginning of the year OddCo Ltd created a modding competition for collectors to come up with a Bears of the World set, which Booni won. With this Pete designed the bear from his idea (which didn’t stray from Booni’s creation).

Personally the name is simple to understand, however for those who can’t work it out the bears are named after Cleopatra and Tutankhamen and are the bears from Egypt. Like I said…simples!!!

The quality of the bears are really good. The problem that you have with metallic paint is that it is really difficult not to create brush strokes, but in all honesty it doesn’t bother me. The ‘milk’ in the tub is a little wishy-washy but I think that is more natural looking.

This is the 4th from the Bears of the World range and personally I think it is the best from the current range. So a big well done to Booni for coming up with this masterpiece.

Bear no longer on sale – Try eBay if you want one.

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