Coronavirus - World's Reponse

Coronavirus – World’s Response

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The World’s Response is the third in my Coronavirus series. I’ve previously spoken about the Medias Reaction & Britain’s Response about Coronavirus.

Obviously, I can’t talk about the all the countries; but I want to concentrate on some key countries.


I couldn’t write about the Coronavirus without discussing where the outbreak began at the end of 2019. There are many questions that people have, that need to be answered to how this happened, and what can be done to prevent this happening in the future. And only time will tell if steps will actually be taken.

Man-made Virus?

We all love a good conspiracy theory, and one of the biggest doing the rounds is that Coronavirus is a man-made virus that came from the Wuhan laboratory, and that the Chinese government are trying to cover this up.

Firstly, there is no evidence that this has come from a Wuhan lab. Fact checker has confirmed that the media didn’t even provide evidence, just a map and fed on the conspiracy because, you know, who needs facts and evidence to sell papers?

Secondly, experts believe that this is not a man-made virus. They believe that like other coronavirus variants, that this was a natural genetic virus. Just to clarify, this is coming from experts whose career is to research things like this. Not some reported or country leader putting it out there to point the finger to someone else.

There are reports that the Chinese government are not supporting an independent review, which will also include investigating the lab. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true.

Possibly not to cover up that this is where the virus originated from, but more to protect the work they are actually doing there. Or maybe they want to prevent an investigation into possible security failures. This does raise a few questions in itself, but only time will tell how this goes.

Eating Bats?

There is no factual evidence to say that humans were infected after eating a bat! Scientists do believe that Coronavirus did originate from bats, but they passed it on to another animal, before being transmitted to humans via the wet market.

I’ve seen many social media posts stating how disgusting it is about what the Chinese eat, including bats, and the nastiness that has come from that (which I will get onto later).

I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m a fan of everything that they some of the Chinese eat, but I can say that without being nasty towards a Country. However, targeting one country for eating bats while other countries around the world do to…is such a dickish move!

I don’t know the full history of China and ‘wet markets’ so I don’t want to speculate in that area. But ‘wet markets’ exist all over the world, this isn’t just a China thing. Historically, what has happened at the wet markets in China has been questionable, including sanitary standards and the selling of livestock.

However, the majority of the wet markets no longer sell livestock after the avian flu outbreak, with a local of provinces and local governments banning it. However, it still happens because it is such a poorly regulated area. If anything, this is what needs to be improved.

The black market is not just a Chinese thing. Who can forget the horsemeat scandal for 2013? That originated in Europe.

Culture is a lovely thing, how we hold our views up against others like ours is superior. Yes, there is food that I wouldn’t contemplate eating, just like we as a country have food that sounds awful to other countries and cultures. I mean black pudding (pigs blood) or haggis isn’t exactly the most appealing items that we have in the UK, but it’s normal for our country.

Lets not forget that pig is a no-go for many religions and countries, but hey we munch on them like they are going out of fashion.

We are a bunch of hypocrites if we sit here and judge people for what they eat, but when a vegan tells us to stop eating meat we tell them to fuck off!


Apart from the disgusting comments I’ve read about Chinese and the what they eat, there is also the abuse people are getting from people and the government.

Trump, among others, calls it a ‘China Virus’ knowing full well that either Coronavirus or Covid-19 are the correct terms. This is all about semantics. Trump has been very vocal about blaming China, and while his handling is being questioned he is trying to divert attention back to China and not him.

Who knew that RuPaul Drag Race’s Jaida would hit the Trump nail on the head in the recent episode:

The racism/xenophobia that is being targeted towards individuals because of their where their from isn’t successful, but yet it’s been rife throughout the world. Someone has even created a Wikipedia page listing some of the incidents since the outbreak!!!

I will never condone any form of racism or xenophobia. Just because of something that has happened in their country, doesn’t make everyone responsible. You can criticise the situation or the actions of the government. But you can’t attack someone who is in your country like it is their fault, or use racist language to get your point across!

So please; don’t be a dick!!!


There are many questions that have risen in relation to China and they way that they have handled this situation, and rightly so there should be answers given.

One of the biggest that has arose is the stats that have come from China seem to low. Taken into account what has happened with other countries, the spike that they have had compared to China raises this as a very valuable question.

Taking into account that the population for China is nearly 1.4 billion, you have to question that the number of deaths from Coronavirus is less than 5000! If you look at all other countries trajectories, and taking into account that this was the epicentre of the outbreak, do you honestly believe that less than 5000 died from this?

Taken into account they revised the number of deaths that Wuhan experienced by 50% weeks after the epidemic in China, has raised further questions. Additionally, there are reports(?) that locals within Wuhan are estimating* that around 42,000 people have died from Coronavirus. If this is true, then what can we trust the figures from other parts of the country?

And taking into account how the Chinese media is so controlled, I don’t think we will ever find out the true figures. And this is something that other countries are realising. The UK has now decided to drop the China stats from their daily briefings because they’re unreliable.

Which is ironic, because we aren’t doing that ourselves. Our stats (until recently) have only ever been deaths in hospitals, and while they’ve just started to state additional figures, they aren’t actually including them in the official figures.

*There is no factual evidence that this information is correct. Just someone doing some maths from what they’ve been told.


When Coronavirus hit Europe, it hit Italy like a brick. And it was probably around this time that we realised at how serious this was going to be. How was the death rate on such as different trajectory from China?

As the weeks went on, and additional stats were being collated, we could see that other countries were following a similar guideline to Italy than China. Which, as I’ve said previously, raises valid questions about the information coming from the country.

Italian’s Reaction

As the number of cases started to grow in Italy, the government put the most affected Province into lockdown to minimise the risk of spread. It was 2 weeks after that they then put the whole Country into lockdown to try and take control.

Making decisions like this can’t be easy, for numerous reasons, but it felt that Italians understood the full reasoning behind it, and generally supported it.

Social media shows several videos of how people were keeping themselves entertained during quarantine, including playing tennis, creating an orchestra or singing for their neighbourhoods singing together in unity.

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Since my original blog about Britain’s Reponse, it’s fair to say that there has been a lot more criticism about the handling of certain aspects of this. However, just be thankful that we don’t have Donald Trump as our leader!

It’s become very clear that the narcissistic idiot doesn’t give a fuck about his people. Just himself and the money that can be made from the virus. I think the tweet that I posted a while back kind of sums up a lot of people’s thoughts.

Remember, this is a guy that has not seen Coronavirus as a problem, but then reports saying that he has tried to buy a firm in Germany, who will create a ‘US only’ vaccine…which if they own the rights can charge other countries for. Then there is the recent scandal, where a French drug company has had to back down for guaranteeing that the US will be prioritised if they find a vaccine!

When the virus first happened, Trump downplayed the whole thing and continued to do so, and then ‘bang’, he boasted that he always knew it was a pandemic.

This guy loves the sound of his own voice, and I honestly believe that this guy honestly thinks that everything he is saying is true. Even when he is provided with evidence of what he has said in the past he shouts ‘Fake news’!

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However, the damage had already been done. Due to his words, students were ignoring the risks and continue to go on their spring break. And obviously that was a safe decision to make, wasn’t it? Hmm!

There has been a new term provided to people like these, and I absolutely love it…Covidiot! And it seems that there is a large amount of them about, and not just in America.

We’ve seen America started to organise rallies and protests about the lockdown, which has resulted in one leader missing the protests because she contracted the virus and another died. I wish I felt sympathetic for people like this, but I don’t. I feel sorry for those that know them and have been placed into risk!!! Or those that don’t but have to treat/support them!

But hey, after the news of all the protests, the Covidiots in the UK decided they had to follow suit. You know the saying…Monkey See Monkey Do!

One of the protesters supposedly said ‘…I don’t believe in the virus one bit..’ and this really pisses me off. My mum works within the care home industry and I’ve had her on the phone crying because she has lost count of the number of people she’s lost (clients and colleagues) from Coronavirus.

If people like this honestly believe that this is not a big issue, then send them to the hospitals (without PPE) and show them all the people that have been affected.

And they must sign a waiver, that if they or their family or friends contract the virus then they can’t use the NHS or claim from an insurer. They have to pay their full medical bills themselves. I mean it only seems fair doesn’t it?

So ignorance from the government, and some individuals within America, they now have the highest reported number of deaths. Although taking into account the size of the population it’s not a surprise. However, Trump said that there would be little or none! I’m sure there are many Americans who wouldn’t believe this, but then there are those that believe every word he says.

This is a guy who thought out aloud and said people should inject or drink disinfectant, and people did do that! And he says it was just sarcasm. I’m sorry, but everyone knows that Americans don’t understand sarcasm! You have your thoughts, but as a leader, don’t have them on live TV!

So if you look at the traits of narcissism, Trump ticks every box. And this is where I feel pity for him. The guy is ill. He needs support, and being a leader of a country is not healthy for him.

He is in a position where people are going to criticise every move that he makes, including me. However, he refuses to accept anything apart from shouting ‘Fake News’ or blaming someone else for the way that he as a leader dealt with it. Instead of answering questions on why they are so many deaths in America, he blames China.

For fuck’s sake man, they are not to blame for on how YOU reacted. Okay, they may be to blame from an origin perspective, but YOU ignored the virus. YOU went against the experts. YOU lied, spouted fake news and talked absolute crap. YOU thought money was more important than people! That is not China’s fault, that is YOURS! But hey, your mental disorder is to blame for YOU being a pathetic and useless leader!

Can you tell, I’m not a fan of Trump? But hey ho!


I’ll end this post by saying the next country we should watch is Brazil. Their leader, Jair Bolsonaro, is showing the same traits that Trump did. Denial!

This far-right leader (this seems to be such a similarity between countries which are handling things badly), blatantly is saying that everything about Coronavirus is hysteria, and honestly doesn’t care about the people in his country!

Brazil is the 6th Country to sadly hit the 20 thousand death mark, and if they continue to ignore the virus, we can expect the number of deaths to rise…to be more in line with America.

Coming next

The final instalment of the Coronavirus series will be about the Business’s response to the virus.

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