Friends We are all different

Friends – We’re All Different

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As lockdown comes to an end, there is something that was said during this period that has stuck with me. Am I being judged by friends in the way that I interact with them?

There has been a few social posts where people have stated that this is the time when you find out who their real friends because they will be the ones that get in contact with you.

So it got me thinking, is that what my friends think about me? I’d like to think not, but at the same time I wouldn’t blame them!

Friends with the LGBTQ+ Queen Bee

You see, I’m not a person who instigates a conversation. Whether that’s a phone call or text message. It’s just something that doesn’t naturally come to me.

Fact is, I’m not a fan of small talk. I find it really uncomfortable. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me uneasy. So to phone someone up to just say hello is something that I wouldn’t do.

Plus, I don’t want to interrupt people and their day with nothing really to talk about. They’ve got more important things to do or say.

Not being proactive with friends is something that I have/am conscious with. I have tried in the past, and that ended badly, so I stopped before I’d ruin any other friendships.

I hope that during lockdown, I have tried in other ways to connect with friends including hosting our ChippyTuesday™ Quizzes. It was a way we can all get together for some fun and have a catch-up. And it doesn’t feel forced!

I’d also like to think that during lockdown, that I’ve created new friends or built on existing ones.

Gay City Bowlers at Manchester Pride 2019

Gay City Bowlers do their quiz, and while we know each other, when bowling, it’s not the right environment to get to know each other. After the quiz, we would stay on and chat, and get to know each other better.

I feel that when we able to get together for a bowling, we will know each other a little better, and I will feel more comfortable to leave my bubble of close friends and chat to others.

I’d hope that my friends know me well enough to realise that I’m not that kind of friend who will just message/call out of the blue for a catch-up. But know that I am always there if they need me…and vice versa.

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