Goals for 2003

I am calling them goals and not resolutions, as I feel resolutions are there to be broken from day two of the new year. Goals do not need to be started straight away, it can be something that is prepared and dealt with over the year.

The first one probably leads onto another of my two goals. I want to be healthier. Eat healthier than what I do. One meal a day is to go out of the window, and to eat smaller meals, but healthier food. Cut out the takeaways, fried food and chocolate. Also cut down on the amount of alcohol I drink.

Second would be to attend the gym. Change the fat to muscle. Change the way I feel about myself. Give myself a six-pack and a chest to be proud of. People already comment me on the shape of my body, but I want to want to like it.

Thirdly, I want to give up smoking. I said I would do this last year, but to no avail. I enjoy smoking, which is a downfall at the moment, but I smoke too much. The main problem is money. It costs too much. I calculated that I would save £2002 a year if I gave up the cancer sticks. So this year, I am determined to cut down the amount I smoke if I have not stopped that is.

Finally, I want to be happy. Don’t we all? None the less, I want to make this happen. Out of all of my four goals, if I want any of them to happen, it is this one. I am happy being gay. I would not change myself for anyone. I just wish it were easier. Trust me I have done straight, and it is much easier. The only problem was, I was not happy.

At the end of 2003, I will look back at these and see which goals I have reached. This should be fun.

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