Goals for 2004

Last year, I decided that I wouldn’t set myself resolutions, but set myself goals. After succeeding half of last years, I have got myself a new set of goals for 2004.

Goal 1 – Quit smoking

This is one goal that I have carried over from last year, because I do really want to quit.I did try and give up this month, but after 3 days of cold turkey, I found myself irritable and arguing with myself. Trust me; anyone who may have witnessed may have thought I was a Looney!!!

So I am going to set myself an incentive on this one. Just so I can stop. Once I have stopped for six months, in 2004 I shall treat myself to having my teeth whitened.

Goal 2 – Look after my health

I’m not saying that I have bad health, but it could probably be healthier.

So, this year I am gonna cut back on a few things and make sure I am doing the proper things. So, it’s just a bit of tweaking really.

You never know, I might try and venture back to the gym!

Goal 3 – Visit Edinburgh

The last time I visit my home town was in 2001 and I think it is about time that I visited again.

I not only do I want to go up and visit my family, but I might try and venture out as well. Something I haven’t done yet.

Goal 4 – Complete my Bad Taste Bears collection

Probably the most bizarre goal, but most likely the hardest to complete due to it being money orientated.

At the beginning of this year, I need thirteen bears to complete the collection, excluding any new releases. Problem is, all the bears that I need are no longer available in shops to buy.

So will I do it? I bloody hope so, because not having a complete collection is frustrating!!!

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