Goals for 2005

Another year and another bunch of goals to try and meet. Will I do any?

Goal 1 – Quit smoking

Well you have to have this one don’t you? It’s the obligatory goal until you actually meet it. However, if I have to quit, so does Chris!!!

Goal 2 – Exercise

Even if I don’t go to a gym. I shall bring a gym to me. I intend to get some exercise in to give myself a toned body.

People tell me I have the definition. Just need to work on it. So next year, I should have a body to be proud off.

Goal 3 – New Years Eve not in Manchester

As much as I love the place, New Years Eve in Manchester is getting quite tedious.

I have done Essential too many years in a row, and I aint really that big of a Cruz fan to go there.

So for 2005 I want to spend NYE out of Manchester , either another city in the UK , or even better in another country.

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