Great North Run Training – Week 8

Great North RunWell, the penultimate week to the event and this was the one where I could get in the final long run in before the event itself, and after a week off I was raring to get back into it.

Monday: Rest Day

My ritual day of rest from the gym.

Tuesday: Easy Run

Found this session really hard today. Not so much cardiovascular, but more with my calf’s. My legs just felt twice as heavy as they should have been. I just put this down to not training the week prior and due to stiffness of the muscles.

Distance: 5 Miles
Time: 41 Mins 50 Seconds
Pace: 8’21″/mi
Pace Breakdown:
1 = 8’13″/mi
2 = 9’52″/mi
3 = 9’53″/mi
4 = 7’02″/mi
5 = 8’39″/mi

Wednesday: Rest Day

Again, normally I would be doing cardiovascular work but as I am not weight training at the moment, I don’t like doing in just to do cardio if it isn’t running. Strange, but true.

Thursday: Tempo Run

Legs still felt a little heavy this session, and I was starting to get the odd twitch in my knee again, so will need to watch out for that at the next run. If still an issue then I will need to put the knee support back on.

Apart from the leg issues, the run itself was moderate. I was contemplating running for 7 possible 8 miles, but come to the 6th and I had had enough so decided to stop.

Distance: 6 Miles
Time: 48 Mins 08 Seconds
Pace: 8’00″/mi
Pace Breakdown:
1 = 8’13″/mi
2 = 7’02″/mi
3 = 8’13″/mi
4 = 7’02″/mi
5 = 7’02″/mi
6 = 8’13″/mi

Friday: Rest Day

No cardio here from me, well apart from the impromptu night out and me dancing away on the dance floor

Saturday: Rest Day

Had the niece so traipsed around Bolton (cause Chris wanted to see the new H&M) and went to the cinema. That’s the exercise for the day.

Sunday: Rest Day

Originally, today was going to be my last long run before the event. The intention was to go to Dove Stone Reservoir and do 4 or 5 laps of the thing. Something that I had been looking forward to it since my last visit there.

However, instead we went to visit my mum, with all intentions of going from there, but ended up have a full Sunday roast instead. At the end of it, I couldn’t move and it was then also too dark to go for the run.

The intention is to try and fit the long run in on Monday instead!!!

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