Great North Run Training – Week 9

Great North RunFinal week of training for the Great North Run. The day is fast approaching. Not excited yet, just very anxious.

Monday: Rest Day

The intention was to do my final long run before the Great North run today as I never did it yesterday. However after taken some advice from fellow runners I decided against it as this week should ideally be an easy week. So now, I feel disappointed in myself. Plus I am starting to get nervous. Not with the actual run as I feel relatively comfortable with that. Just the whole going to Newcastle thing. I just aint good with strangers.

Tuesday: Long Run

I did plan to go for a run in the park, however Mother Nature put a stop to that. It did not stop raining all day. So instead I decided to go to the gym instead.

The intention was to only do 3 miles, so on the treadmill I got, However, when I go to 3 miles I decided to run to 5 miles because it was more a rounded number. Then when I reached this marker, I decided that running for 60 minutes would be a good target to have instead. Once I got to the 60 minute mark, I thought ‘What the hell, may aswell run for 10 miles’.

I think deep down I was conscious that I had not done a long run last week, so sort of pushed myself to go that little further. Was this a wise move, probably not but I now mentally feel a lot more prepared for the weekend.

Distance: 10 Miles
Time: 1 Hour 21 Mins 11 Seconds
Pace: 8’06″/mi
Pace Breakdown:
1 = 8’13″/mi
2 = 8’13″/mi
3 = 8’13″/mi
4 = 8’13″/mi
5 = 8’13″/mi
6 = 7’02″/mi
7 = 12’21″/mi (Because the treadmill cuts off after 60 minutes)
8 = 8’13″/mi
9 = 7’02″/mi
10 = 8’07″/mi

Wednesday: Rest Day

Rest day today, although I did do about 5 miles walking so in a way did my cross training that way instead. Legs feel relatively fine after the longest run of my life.

Shins are probably a little tender, however I expect that to go by Sunday. I may change my last run before the race from Thursday to Friday just to give it a little breather.

Thursday: Rest Day

After my long run on Tuesday I decided that I would have a rest day today. Thought it was kinda wise.

Plus, I didn’t fancy the thought of standing up for several hours at a The Ting Tings gig (which was good btw) after doing a 5 mile tempo run.

Friday: Rest Day

Okay, I did change this day to a running day, but then decided that it wasn’t needed. Aren’t I brave lad!!! Plus, I had started to get a little nervous and anxious about the event that I couldn’t concentrate on running.

Instead, I decided that I would get everything sorted which I decided to leave until the last minute as usual.

Running top, with Mike & Chasing Sanity on itAfter much toying, I also decided that I would add my name to my top. I have been told you get a buzz from people calling you’re name so thought why not.

I have also decided that from now on, I am going to have a running slogan, because have the time I don’t really know why I suddenly got into this. So from now on, my logo is ‘Chasing Sanity!’. What do you think?

As I am travelling up to Newcastle on Saturday it’s clear that I wont be doing any running and I shall do a full report for the actual run itself, so I shall just post this now.

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