Happy 2010 – New Goals Time

2010For those who regularly read my blogs will know that I haven’t made a new year resolution in years. Instead I make goals that can be achieved throughout the year. Granted, these don’t always happen, but it’s the thought more than anything.So for 2010, my goals are:

Goal 1 – To get through University

Image via Manchester Metropolitan University2009 saw me start university life by starting a foundation year. The goal for 2010 consists of me passing my 6 subjects to get through the foundation year and to start my degree at the end of the year.

Goal 2 – To be more organised

Must get organisedOne thing I have noticed is that I procrastinate a lot, which can be annoying especially with uni work.

This year, I need to become more organised so that I don’t procrastinate as much meaning that I am able to get university work done and still have a life. Cause at the moment, all I seem to do is work and uni.

Goal 3 – To be healthy again

Apple Since being made redundant, I have stopped going to the gym. At the moment, I can’t afford to go either. So this year I am going to try and make time to join a new gym and go. Even if it’s only twice a week. It’s better than nothing. I need to get rid of the spare tyre that is forming around my stomach.

I also need to start looking at what I eat again. Although it’s not a big issue at the moment, I am eating a lot of rubbish recently.

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