Happy Hogmanay 2011 – New Year, New Goals

First of all, let me wish everyone a Happy New year. I hope you are all not feeling a little too delicate from the celebrations. I am just thankful I don’t do hangovers!!!

For those that are new to the site, let me quickly explain that since 2003, I have never set a new years resolution. To me these are just set to be broken. Instead I create goals for what I want to achieve throughout the year. Another difference is that these don’t need to be started straight away. It can be something that is worked on throughout the year or even started later, that way you don’t feel forced to do something that you will most likely crack at within a week or two.

This year’s goals are mainly going to be in relation to my university and hopefully my future career:

Goal 1 – Complete the first year at university with good grades

I am confident that I will pass this year, but as ever, I want to pass the year with good grades. This will give me with a rough idea on how I will contend with the rest of the degree and whether a 2:1 or a 1st is achievable.

What I am worried about is the exams, especially the oral one! It just means that I will need to be more organised and try and get plenty of revision done.

Goal 2 – Begin creating my web design portfolio

It is okay having the qualifications, but it is the portfolio that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd as it shows that you have got experience, and more importantly actually interested in web design.

Over the next couple of years, I want to look at building my portfolio by developing sites for different people. I already have a couple of ideas, but I will just need to put the wheels in motion. The issue is, that at the moment I don’t know too much, so the sites that I will be developing will be the basics.

If you need a basic website, then please let me know and I shall see if I can help you.

Goal 3 – Full website overhaul

What was made clear from the first couple of weeks of university that everything that you should not do in relation to web design, I have been doing on my personal website.

This year, I will need to look at the site and give it a full overhaul to bring it within accessibility standards. Additionally, I will be removing a lot of the information from the site as I don’t think it is that relevant. So this means that the majority (if not all) of the gallery section of the website will be gone, which is a brave decision to make as this is the most popular section of the site.

Goal 4 – Look at work experience in web work

As well creating websites, I also want to look at possible getting some sort of experience working for other people’s websites, whether this is voluntary or paid work. Last year, I did try and get some experience with Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF), but after 9 months of trying to sort something out, I have given up and decided to look elsewhere.

I have already sent a query to somewhere else to see if I can help with their website, and I have been informed that they will contact me in the new year. So I shall keep you posted on that one. Either via this blog or my university one.

If you know of anywhere that I am able to get some work experience then please let me know.

Goal 5 – To improve organisation

Again, this goal is popping it’s ugly head again, but it is something that I do need to think about seriously especially when the 2nd year starts, and if I intend to pick up the other stuff that I have planned then this could become a busy year anyway.

I want to make sure that I have everything organised and that I cut down the procrastination, which I am extremely conscious about. Facebook can be an enemy sometimes.

Goal 6 – To improve fitness

Slight modification to lasts years goal. This is purely concentrating on my fitness side. I want to keep up the gym work that I have started in 2010, by making sure that on average I am attending 2 times a week.

It would be nice if I was able to see a little bit of a difference in the way that I look as well. It would be nice if I had a little definition, but that also means that I need to improve the way that I eat to hep build up muscle. Sometimes I do wish you could just choose the body you wanted from Tesco…after all they sell everything else!!!

Goal 7 – A picture a day

This is a bit of light relief from all the hard work I have planned with the other goals. I plan to set myself a challenge of taking a picture every day in the year 2011. This has been done before, so it isn’t anything original. However the project shall be titled ‘Today is all about…’ and the image should be in reflection a small moment in my somewhat busy life (okay even I am laughing at the busy bit).

Trying to take a picture of something every day and for it to mean something shall be a challenge in itself, but I think it’s a good reflector on what you have done that year. Plus it gives an insight into me as an individual.

So that is what I have planned for 2011. What new years resolutions have you made? Or are you gonna follow suit and create some goals?

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