Happy New Year…Happy New Goals

2009I have not made a New Year resolution for several years. To me resolutions are there to be broken, so in the end are totally useless. Why put yourself through that agony, when deep down you know you are gonna start whatever you have deprived yourself again in a couple of days, or if your lucky, weeks?A couple of years back I decided that instead of resolutions, I would do goals. What’s the difference? Well goals don’t have to be started straight away. It’s something that you can work on through the year to improve, stop or lose. And if you fail first time; then you can dust yourself down and try again and you don’t see yourself as a failure.Last year I didn’t actually write anything down about what my goals would be. I don’t think I created any. I’m not sure why, but it’s most likely because I couldn’t be arsed. Well at least I am honest!However, this year I have decided that I will make sure I get them written down and then review again at the end of the year.So here goes:

Goal 1 – To run 500 miles

Silhouette of man runningThis would be your equivalent of a ‘getting fit’ resolution. Although I wouldn’t exactly say I aint fit, just that I could do a little better.

I enjoy running. And last year saw me do over 170 miles. Last year also saw me get two injuries, with the last nearly making me stop running all together out of pure frustration.

When I first set the goal I thought I was mad. Especially as it is more than double what I did in 2008. However, when you break it down it’s less than 10 miles a week and even with injuries, holidays or whatever, the target is still achievable.

However, what will also help me with the challenge is my second goal

Goal 2 – To run the Edinburgh Marathon

Edinburgh MarathonOn the way home from the club on Sunday (always a wise time to make a decision), I decided that I was going to run the Edinburgh marathon. If I am honest, I have no interest in running that distance. I’m quite happy with 10km and probably the occasional ½ marathon and that’s it. But I want to run Edinburgh marathon this year and there is two reasons for it.

Firstly, I get to go back to Scotland and see my family and secondly for my Aunt Linda.

My Aunt was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years back and everything looked like it was fine when she was given the all clear. But just after my birthday my mum told me that the cancer had come back and far more aggressively. To say the least I am gutted.

My aunt is a fitness freak, so it seems fitting that I run the marathon dedicated to her. In the process I will also be raising money for Cancer Research UK so expect me to start pestering for sponsorship soon.

You will be able to be kept updated by my blog as I go through the training highs and lows.

Goal 3 – To recycle more

RecycleGranted I already do a bit of recycling, but could be doing more. It’s difficult to recycle in a flat and since the beginning of 2008 the council seem to be do nothing to help make it any easier either.

So this year, I want to do more than just recycle a bit of paper. So I am gonna take things into my own hand and do something about it. And Chris, if you read this, you will also being doing your bit too, whether you like it or not!!!

Goal 4 – To blog more


I have sort of been neglecting my site, including my blog, just recently. If I am honest, sometimes I do wonder why I bother because it’s not like I have thousands of people looking at the site. But at the end of the day, I do it for me really. It’s like my scrap book come diary, just a very public one.

And maybe my blog isn’t being read from it’s original place, I do know that just recently people have been having a gander via Facebook (hello Facebook buddies – all 3 of you who read this lol) because they left comments there and anything. So at the end of the day, people are interested. Seriously guys, why?

If you fancy leaving a comment at the actual site, then feel free.

Goal 5 – To actually suss out what I am gonna do this year

Don't knowThis is a goal that I know I am going to achieve. Simply because I have no choice really. It’s got to happen whether I want it to or not.

Later this year I am going to be made redundant. So what I do after leaving the company I have worked at for over 9 years, I have no idea. And this is what I need to work out.

So what is planned for me now? Well I don’t want to go back into finance. But then looking at the current climate, I think I would be lucky with whatever I can get my hands on.

I’m currently doing a web design course, but I have little confidence in it especially after the amount of mistakes I found in the first text book. Plus, I am so bored of the current subject. Home courses are definitely hard because you have to find the motivation, which I am lacking. So should I go to uni instead? It’s something that I have been thinking about, so who knows. I might actually be a proper student.

Only time will tell…Goal

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