I Should Be So Lucky Kylie!!!

For years, I have been asking for a Kylie Bad Taste Bear to be made, but it always seemed to fall on deaf ears. Either people don’t like the idea (why wouldn’t they?) or people couldn’t envision it doing well.I even planted the seed personally into Pete Underhill’s head, and he did say he would do what he could do. Understandably he had little free time because he was working on his latest venture The Boy With An Axe In His Head among other things.

At the last BTB Summer event there was a design-a-bear competition. The prize was to have your design made into a figurine. So, I decided I would try and attempt a Kylie bear with the hope that seeing the idea may make the bigwigs go ‘I like it’.

I didn’t win the competition (it was a bear coming out of a toaster that did) and I was a little peeved because I so wanted it to be made. Green eyed monster perhaps?

Kylie Bad Taste Bear sketchAnyway, I asked Pete to draw me a Kylie bear; basically because he is a lot better at drawing than I am. Well, he does make a living from it. And the good thing is he kindly agreed.

This week saw me receive the sketch, and I absolutely love it. I got so excited I nearly dribbled wee with excitement. It is a lot better than I imagined and is going to take pride and place next to my other original ‘Scottish’ sketch.

And the other good news is that Pete also gave a copy of the design to BTBears, and it has been getting a positive response from them. So, could potentially be made into a bear. Fingers crossed? I shall keep you posted.

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