Laser Eye Surgery – The operation

A lady have laser eye surgeyryToday was the day that I went under the knife, well laser, and I get myself a set of brand new eyes.

I sat in the waiting room for over three hours watching people come and go from surgery. I felt totally relaxed, because everyone who came out seemed alright. They just stated that they had a little discomfort, which I thought was nothing.

Then my turn came, and off to surgery I went.

The surgery itself was painless and sounds far more painful than it was. For those who are interested, all they do is place atheistic into the eye, then tape your eyelashes back. Once they have done that, they clamp your eye open and wash your eye out with salt water solution, to make sure all dirt is out of the way.

The next step was to cut the cornea flap and peel it off. From there I had about 40 seconds of laser treatment, before they place my cornea flap back and covered my eye over. Like I said it sounds far worse than it is, but remember without glasses I couldn’t see much so you don’t really see anything that they were doing.

After both eyes I had to sit in the waiting room for about 20 minutes before having a post-op check. The discomfort for me was a little too much. I couldn’t open my eyes because of the pain, and my eyes was constantly watering. After struggling to get to the examination room, I was told that everything went well and I was free to go home. Trust me I didn’t think it was.

As I lived 10 minutes away from Optimax, Chris and I decided to walk home. That was a bad mistake. I couldn’t see more than a step in front of me, and although I knew the way, I was scared shitless. I panicked along the way home and burst out crying. A wimp I know. However, what was worrying me was the fact that everyone seemed okay, yet I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t believe things were going to be alright.

One of my natural reactions to sore eyes is to sleep. So as soon as I came home I went to sleep on the sofa only to be woken up periodically, to get have my eye drops.

After several hours of sleeping, I woke up and and was actually able to open my eyes, which brought a load of relief to me I can tell you. Next thing I knew I was reading things that I wouldn’t be able to without glasses. So you could imagine the feeling I had.

Trust me, for several hours of sever discomfort, I would go through it all again if I knew I was going to have sight again. It’s the best decision I ever made. However, you do need someone there for a couple of hours after surgery. I’m just glad Chris was there for me.

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