New Year Goals for 2006

The whole idea that I set myself goals instead of resolutions was to me resolutions were there to be broken. To date, my goals have been going the same way as my resolutions did. No where!!! However I am going to try again and see what I can do:

Goal 1 – Quit Smoking

Okay, this has been on my goal list since it started, but I always seem to fail at it.

However, this time round I will kick this nasty habit this year. I promise!!!

Goal 2 – Be healthier

This is life as a whole, not just exercise. Although, I am not a junk food type of person anyway, I do snack on the wrong things.

I want to cut this down, and with a little exercise, I’m hoping that I’ll be healthier as a whole.

Granted, I am not going to become a health freak and not do anything that’s bad for you. Just cut it down.

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