Tenerife – Gay Bars

Normally when you go on holiday you come home with a holiday tune. This time, in Tenerife, we have come home with a holiday DVD.

Every time we went to Gemini’s they were playing a DVD of some sort on their big screen. Albeit some music DVD’s or Divas In Las Vegas. However, there was one DVD that caught Steve and I’s attention. The French rugby team!

Naked French Rugby PlayersYeah I know what you’re thinking. How could rugby DVD be appealing to a bunch of queens? Well simple really, they were nude and posing for their calendar.

I have never drooled so much over a DVD in my life, so I am on the look out for a copy now.

Apart from the DVDs, the music in Gemini was pretty basic, or as Steve would say, ‘They only have four CDs’.

The majority of the music played was Spanish, although there were a few English tunes thrown in. One night we heard Hey Ya by Outkast four times. Madonna, Britney and Kylie were also played several times. I did enjoy my nights out in Gemini’s though.

Chaplins was a weird place. Unless you knew about the place, and where it was, you would have had no idea it existed. I saw one sign near the beach front advertising the place. Though I would never have found it as the placed didn’t have any signs. All I can remember is that there was 2 doors and that’s it.

I have to be perfectly honest; I can’t remember music being played at Chaplins, when we went. It was either me being too pissed to remember, or they didn’t play any. Well it was roughly about 5 in the morning when we were in there.

I remember, vaguely, that there was a group of us locked in, and just chatting to a lot of Spanish guys. They were trying to improve their English. They were fucked then, because they couldn’t understand my accent.

Then there was an impromptu sing-a-long and dancing. Spanish of course, so I had no idea what was going on. It was quite an impressive site to watching the natives singing and dancing their way. They did try to get me to dance with them, but there was no hope and hell chance of that happening.

Whenever we got to Chaplins, I was too pissed to remember anything, so my memories are very vague, although I believed that I had a good time which is more important.

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