Tenerife – The Straight Night

Before heading to Tenerife, it was agreed that one night we would do a straight night. Come Thursday, after 2 days of girls pleading for us to come drink at their bars, we finally agreed to go to one of the bars.

We ended up in Jumping Jacks, where the promotion was buy one get one free, plus three free shots with your first round. Straight away, I knew I was getting pissed that night. How pissed, was another question.

Veronicas - the straight cubbing disctrict in Playa de las Americas

So after downing our free shots, we sat down at the nearest table and the enjoyed the DJ, who reminded me of Mighty Mick at Churchills, taking the piss out of everyone.

He was pure entertainment and mainly took the piss out of a group of lads. Well, they looked young enough to still be at school. And one of them was trying to be a Ronan Keating look-a-like.

The DJ had also decided to play ‘Name the theme tune’. If you got it right you got a free shot. If it was wrong, you had to do a forfeit.

The first forfeit was a group of five lads (mainly the school boys) having to dance to YMCA. Trust me, they knew all the moves.

The second forfeit ended up being me. Well, I did give the wrong answer after he told us the correct one!!!

So, I had to down a bottle of beer without using my hands. So I clenched the bottle with my teeth and started to down the drink in one. With everyone cheering me one, I succeeded. Of course, I wouldn’t want to waste any alcohol now would I?

Turned out I am the only the second person to succeed that forfeit. Which surprised me because I thought it was easy. Not bad for a gay is it?

After several more drinks and shots, I was steaming and Steve had had enough of the bar. So, we headed off to Gemini’s to finish the night off.

After saying ‘no’ to gong to another bar, a girl started shouting things about us being gay. Which was supposed to offend us, but it did the total opposite. I was flattered she noticed and cared to make a comment.

I couldn’t remember walking to Gemini’s, but when I got there I noticed that I no longer had my wallet. So in a pissed up state I headed back to Jumping Jack to see if it was handed in.

Now this was a meaningless exercise as it was more likely to have been stolen. Although, I got to have the last laugh as it was worthless. There was no money in it cause I remembered taken out my last €10 and putting it in my pocket.

The credit card had not been activated. Though earlier, I was cursing myself because I forgot to do that.

The bank cards were no use in the country unless you knew my PIN numbers. Plus, there was no money in the accounts anyway.

And the Boots Advantage, WHSmith and Sainsburys cards were of no use abroad.

The only two things that I am pissed about losing are my wallet and my driving license, but hey they are replaceable.

So, I staggered back to Gemini’s to continue partying the night away.

From that night, Steve and I decided that we had to avoid the Veronica Centre like the plague for the rest of the holiday. This was to be a difficult task, as the entrance to the hotel lead to the centre.

We stood on our balcony overlooking the centre and thinking of ways to avoid the bar beggars, but then we would scrap the idea once we noticed it wouldn’t work.

The final option we could think of was to head in the opposite direction, then head to the beach and walk back via the beach front. We hoped there wouldn’t be anybody else on the other side of Veronica’s asking for us to go into their bar. This was a success and the route that we followed every night we went out.

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