Today is all about…December 2017

December is a busy month for everyone. You know with the Xmas and New Year thing that goes on? But December also sees me celebrate my birthday, and as it was my 40th this year, I milked it like no other.

First of all, I treated myself to a brand new tattoo. I saw the design over 6 months ago, and it just resonated me as an individual. It is probably the first tattoo that I have had which has so much thought and meaning behind it.

The birthday celebrations started the day before as I went to friends for dinner and was surprised with a birthday cake (the first of three) and a pressie. My actual birthday included going for lunch with the team from work, before coming home to a lovely roast cooked meal from the husby. Obviously spoilt with loads of pressies.

The Thursday saw me travel to Cardiff for the works Christmas party, which I commandeered as ‘Mike’s 40th birthday’ party. I was thoroughly entertained that my colleagues were going ‘Let me go get you a drink’ all night. It was a free bar!

Friday was family celebrations time, where both my husby and my families took over a restaurant to celebrate me getting old. Where I received the second of my cakes, a homemade humongous cake that my mum made. Seriously, I put on weight while looking at it.

Saturday was friends celebrations time. We had a ‘small’ gathering at ours before heading out to the club to party the night away. I may have overdone the night, and got myself into a state, but I had a great night. The celebrations continued onto Sunday (how I don’t know) where I was subjected to being dragged on stage by KY Kelly numerous times during Sunday Service. Including me swapping clothes with another audience member. Note, I swapped into his brand new rubber catsuit, which was quite nice. Although I’m sure KY sneaked a peek at my ass!!!

Thank you to all my friends and family for helping me celebrate my birthday. You all definitely help push me over that said hill!!!

December’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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