Today is all about…April 2019

What started off as a crappy month, ended up turning into an amazing one. However, before I get into the highlights of April, I just want to state something that is obvious…I’m not perfect!

Fact is, I have never claimed to be. I’m my own worst critic. For years, and to an extent now, I would always put myself down; so if anyone tried to then I could reply that ‘I know’. This self-deprivation was damaging me more than it was protecting me.

So recently, I have tried to be more confident in myself, and step away from this self-criticism. So imagine my hurt when someone you care for lists a lot of negative things about you and blames you for a number of others.

Now, I’m very open to receiving criticism. The difference is that it needs to be constructive, and not a full on attack on me and my personality. And if you are willing to give criticism, then you must be willing to accept it too!

We all make mistakes. When we know we’ve made mistakes then we need to apologise for them. Otherwise we will never grow. And I’ve definitely grown of recent.

Remember to evaluate your own shortcomings before pointing out someone else's. Truly confident people don't pick out the negative in someone else. Your real character on insecurity and immaturity show when you need to put others down in order to feel 'lifted up'

So what did I get up to during April?

Firstly, we had an impromptu night out in Blackpool. The original plan was to go to London, but this was cancelled at the last minute. But you know what, I’m glad because I had an absolute ball.

Our mates Bill and Carl, were going and asked us to join them. At the same time a number of other people were making separate visits to Blackpool that weekend, including our other bestie, Leon.

We had an fab time at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (hadn’t been in a very long time) and a crazy/amazing night out with everyone.

I so hope that we plan another trip to Blackpool soon.

April also saw the return of Manchester Rubbermen weekend (MRMX). This is the 2nd year that we’ve attended, and this time I felt a lot more relaxed than I had the previous year.

I got to meet a lot of new people, that I’ve been chatting to via their social groups. I met up with people that I hadn’t seen since the last event. And chatted to the general rabble that I know of from Manchester.

Generally, the whole weekend was a blast. Although, I didn’t win at the bingo this year though. 😢

The only negative thing, that was an issue for quite a few, was how cold one of the events was. It became a little unbearable, so we moved to another club night and had an absolute blast.

This negative was not a reflection on either the MRM or club organisers, as they did a cracking job. This was purely a venue issue. I do know that plans for next year, this is something that will be looked and addressed. I’m so looking forward to seeing what MRM have up their sleeve.

At the end of April, we were planning on a trip to Cologne, but we were uninvited. It’s a long story, but I understand why. Although the ramifications after have left a sour taste in my mouth.

So we used the time off to make improvements to the house. Since moving in, we’ve wanted to replace the kitchen floor. So that is what we did.

Having never laid laminate floor before, I have to say that I’m really happy with the finished result. Who knew I had it in me. 😂

Just a few more jobs to do around the house before we can finally have our housewarming. And I can’t wait.

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