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Today is all about…April 2020

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This months blog is a little later than planned…sorry. Still, here I am, the whole of April appearing in the bastard child of The Circle and Big Brother.

Thought of the month: Coronavirus

I had planned to finish the rest of the series by the end of April, but I literally couldn’t be arsed.

I’ve got a little fatigued with the whole thing. I have the article in relation to the World’s Response. Now, I’m not sure if or when I’ll complete the final in the series.

April’s Playlist

As April was the first full lockdown month, it seemed only fitting that the theme for this month’s playlist should be isolation.

It contains some brilliant classics to get you thought the lockdown and many people feel at the time.

Additionally, it includes some new tracks released about the issue or to raise money for charity.

So enjoy April’s playlist:

April’s Activities

Quiz Galore

It appears that doing a Zoom quiz is the new going out!

As well as organising our own Virtual ChippyTuesday™ quiz every week, we’ve also been doing some with the neighbours and Gay City Bowlers.

It’s been a really nice way to catch up with everyone during at this time.

It’s also fascinating on how each quiz is so different. The neighbours quiz is nice and controlled, like we’re all adults in a room.

The Gay City Bowlers we are all having a laugh, with some riskier questions. At the end a few stay on for a catch-up and we are getting to know each other better.

Then there is ours. Which is a big hot mess! The quiz takes twice as long as the feckers won’t shut up. lol


After saying last month that I seem to be dealing with lock-down, April it wasn’t so much.

Coming away from my normal routine, it meant that I started to do things such as my fitness. This in turn means that I’ve gained some ‘lock-down padding’ which I’ve become a little self-conscious about.

That, and the stress at work, I just went into a bubble of self-loathing.

When I’m like this, I just want to be alone and not talk to anyone. I don’t want to talk about the problem because I don’t always know how to articulate it. And no-one needs to hear my small issues when everyone has their own problems themselves.

Fact is, I got myself into this situation. No-one else. So I needed to get myself out of it!

I’m in a lot better head-space now. So all is good.


So we were asked if we’d organise a quiz for the Manchester Rubbermen. And for some reason, I agreed.

While I may not of wrote anything on my blog. I have mentioned stuff on social media saying that due to past events, I felt that I could no longer be part of MRM as it felt that their loyalties were shown.

I’ve spoken privately to one of the members since, and I know that this isn’t the view of all the core team, but I haven’t felt like I’m ever going to be welcome again so stayed away.

To be asked to do this quiz, really question agreeing to it in the first place.

Originally, I was going to create the quiz and then let the husby front it and I’ll just stay in the background. However, I ended up co-presenting the quiz.

Apart from the organiser, I thankfully didn’t know anyone else who attended. I was absolutely dreading certain people turning up and setting off an anxiety attack!

The quiz went well, and I felt more at ease wearing rubber and attending a rubber event. I’m not sure I’m ready to attend a physical event just yet. Or when they start up again after lock-down is eased.

April’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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