Today is all about…August 2018

Where has the year gone? It feels like it was only my 40th and now it’s August and my 41st is knocking on the door!!!

The start of the month, we made our first visit to Chester Pride. We were attending with Annabelle Lecter, who was performing on the main stage.

This pride had a totally different feel to other small pride events that I’ve attended. As I was with part a drag queen’s entourage/bitch, I got to see some of the backstage antics and watch some of the main stage from the sidelines. Plus, seeing the attendees asking for pictures with Annabelle nearly every 10 second was weird.

I didn’t think I’d have as good a time as I thought I would, but I did. It was just unfortunate that it was a flying visit as we needed to get back to Manchester as Annabelle had another gig to get to…Dreamboys. And I got to go to that as well!!!

Again, I wasn’t sure I’d like this because being in a room with about 200 screaming women isn’t my cup of tea. However, it wasn’t that bad. Plus the guys were really nice…both in looks and as people.

Like every month, friends and family situ a lot in the ‘Today is all about’ photos, whether it be family nights, nights out, housewarmings, days out or out infamous Chippy Tuesday.

This month saw my Aunt Sheila revisit from Canada, which was great especially as she came to watch the Manchester Pride parade, which she loved.

Manchester Pride was upon us again, and as normal I had a good time, although it wasn’t my best for a few reasons.

As normal, the friends made the weekend, and without them, it would never be the same.

Friday was spent having the most food that I ate the whole pride weekend, a nice meal at No.1 Canal Street before having a few drinks around the village.

Saturday didn’t really work for me. As much as I enjoyed the Saturday (Saturday Service @ The Eagle), I feel like I missed the whole day. I didn’t see any of the expo, the market or the majority of the village to be fair. Next year, I’m going to make sure that I don’t miss any of that out again.

Saturday night didn’t really work for me either. It seemed like more club nights are required (oh, I still miss the days on Uni-Challenge) because it was ridiculous to get into anywhere. Taken into account that the Saturday day felt nowhere as busy as the previous year, the queues to get into bars were ludicrous. Then when we got in, there was no room to move; so we finished our drinks and went home.

However, Sunday had a different feel to the day before. Yes, some of the issues were still there (long queues), the club night we went to (Jock) was fantastic.

Monday again was another good day. We did the candlelit vigil, which is what this Pride is all about in my eyes, before having a few drinks at REM and off to watch Samantha Mumba at Eagle. It was an early night for me, as I had work the next day.

Next year Manchester Pride is going to drastically change, as both the main and dance area are relocating due to redevelopment. I’m waiting for further information before I pass judgement.

August’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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