Today is all about…August 2019

August’s thought of the month

As we approached the end of August, my family grew by one.

I’ve got a great family, but like all, it’s not perfect. I’ve also got good in-laws, and we’ve got on from the very first time that we met. To be fair, I’m lucky that have such a loving family around me.

A lot of LGBT+ individuals are not so lucky. It’s said that 24% of young homeless people identify as LGBT+, with 77% believing coming out to their parents being the main factor.

We’ve recently seen the extent that homophobic parents are going to prevent their children from being told that LGBT+ people exist. They’re even making up lies to stop these lessons from happening.

Now image if one of their kids are LGBT+. To be in such a toxic environment and not be either yourself or feel safe. And there are many incidents where parents have killed their kid for being gay.

When I got married, I called my friends my extended family. Friends are the family that we choose. And for some people, it’s the only family they have.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, they may not be biological, but it’s always good to have a support mechanism around you.

August Activities


I had been a little lackluster with exercising of recent. From the previous 9 weeks, I had only been 3 of those weeks, due to being lethargic, ill, away with work or injured.

So August, I was determined to get back on it, and even achieved some PBs in the process, which was a surprise.

However, injury has struck again, which has installed my exercising…again!!!

I’m going to get my ass back as soon as I can.

Great Uncle

August saw my niece give birth to a little boy, and it’s fair to say that the whole family is over the moon.

My niece would be the first to admit she didn’t like being pregnant. To be fair, she didn’t have the smoothest of pregnancies. She even dislocated her elbow before her gender-reveal party. Tit!

However, now Robin-Ray is here, she’s taken to motherhood like a duck to water. And I can’t be more proud of her.

Robin is named after all his grandfathers, which is such a thoughtful tribute to them all.

When it comes to what Robin is going to call me when he is older, I’ve gone with Guncle Dodd.

Dodd is my family name; and Guncle for great uncle, as well as gay uncle. Seemed apt don’t you think?

Manchester Pride

The August Bank Holiday brings Pride to Manchester, and this year it was totally different. I do have quite a bit to say about this, as I have previously, so I may give a proper blog about this because some things worked, and some didn’t.

However, personally I had a great time. Even if I didn’t experience it all.

It all started with Thursday when we did the Pride Olympics with the Gay City Bowlers. We may have come last, but we did beat the Village Spartans Rugby team as tug-of-war. And that’s all that matters. 😛

I also took part in the parade with the Gay City Bowlers, which I absolutely loved. Thankfully, we were at the front of the parade, so was out of the heat quite sharpish, and in the village for drinks.

I just did the Village Party, and I really enjoyed. It felt as if the village businesses took back control from Manchester Pride.

As with all Prides, we make plans to meet up with so many people, but it becomes a little unrealistic to make happen. So sorry to those that I didn’t get a chance to meet.

August’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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