Family portrait at 1st birthday celebrations

Today is all about…August 2020

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August is meant to be Manchester Pride month but understandably was cancelled. Well, the normal event was, an alternative online version replaced it. Personally, I didn’t participate in any of the events. Instead, I used the time to chill with friends.

Although, I hope it reached a wider audience than the normal weekend does, especially for the younger LGBT+ community.

Thought of the month: Body shaming

We come in all shapes and sizes. We all like different shapes and sizes.

Just because someone doesn’t meet your preference, it doesn’t give you the right to body shame someone else regardless of them being overweight, underweight or muscular.

This month’s thought is about body shaming and my weight journey.

Music is all about…Summer

As the traditional Mancy Pride didn’t happen this year, I thought for this month’s playlist would revisit last year’s acts, some of their tracks.

So enjoy August’s playlist:

This month’s highlights

Robin’s 1st Birthday

August saw my great nephew turn one. I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

With lockdown in place, we missed a fair bit of his first year, and we could finally meet again, he was a little wary of us because we were strange to him.

Although it was nice to spend some time with him to help celebrate him turning one.

And what did his gay uncles get him for his birthday? What every gay uncle* does…Disney!

*Got to keep to the stereotype


As soon as lockdown restrictions were lifted for tattoo businesses, I was booked in for my ninth tattoo by the end of August, to be done by my good friend Gaz.

I have added a Celtic thistle to the forearm (there wasn’t much space left). And for those that don’t know, it’s Scotland’s national flower. and it represents ‘bravery, devotion, durability, strength and determination’.

Celtic thistle tattoo

The plant became the national plant for Scotland in the 13th century when it is believed that it played an integral part of Battle of Largs. Legend has it, that when the Norsemen tried to invade while the Scots were sleeping, they took their shoes off to creep up on them. However, one of the soldiers stood on the thistle and shouted out in pain. This waking the Scots and saving them from invasion.

I love it, and I’m another step closer to completing my Celtic sleeve.

The next tattoo is on the bicep. I have had a design that I love for over a year now, but I’m now questioning it because I’m not sure of the ‘flow’. I need to get my thinking cap on.

Once I have had that done, there is likely to be a few small ones to fill in the bigger gaps, and to finish it off a shading exercise to bring them all together.

Holiday booked

Technically, the holiday was booked pre-lockdown, but in August we optimistically booked our flights to Gran Canaria.

Now before anyone gets on their high horse about vacationing abroad. We’re not breaking any laws, and will be having limited contact with other people before, during and after the holiday.

With Covid being a disaster throughout the world, everyone is facing financial consequences. And the Spanish islands are looking at ways to support, their economy. I hope that this comes into fruition more than what out government has done.

The holiday was booked to go to Winter Pride, which has since be cancelled, and I’m relieved about that. While I expect it to be busy, it wont be as busy as it would have been.

However, during lockdown our friends have discussed the changes to the holiday. We want to use the time to relax and enjoy the sun. Explore other parts of the island (yeah other parts exist, I’ve seen them before). And lounge around the pool a lot.

I just want to get away and relax. And we know that there is a risk that the holiday will be cancelled, the husby and I have decided that if that happens, then we will try and get away for a few days within the UK. We’d definitely prefer the sun though.

August’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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