Today is all about…December 2018

December has come and gone so quickly. It’s the month where people over-indulge both with food and alcohol. And to be fair, I was no exception!

This month saw me officially move into my new home, and it feels like we’ve been here for months already.

Although, we’re still in the settling stage and the spare room is still the dumping ground. As the weeks/months go by all will be complete.

As stated previously, December is the month of celebrating. We may have those Xmas parties to attend, or birthdays to celebrate (i.e. mine), and of course there is ending the year with a bang!

A lot of the month may be spent with friends, but there is a time of year where a large proportion of people get with family (whether blood or chosen) and celebrate the Xmas holidays.

This year we had a surprise that the husby and I held for 3 months. My aunt was coming over from Canada to spend Xmas and new year with us, and the rest of the family didn’t know!

We had everything planned out. The husby and I would enter the house, and he would dance and sing all things festive while I record them being numpty heads. Then my aunt would walk in. Surprise!!!

But you know what they say, your plans don’t work out they way you expect. And ours was no different!

Firstly, instead of being dressed and ready for the day, mum was still in the shower. Chris ran to the car (he forgot something), and delayed the arrival of my aunt.

Then when mum got out of the shower, the singing and dancing commenced. After telling my aunt to come in a few minutes, she didn’t and the husby had ran out of songs/lyrics to sing. Additionally, he was struggling to keep my mum’s back to the window incase she saw my aunt coming.

I made another excuse to go to the car (I’m so forgetful in my old age) as I have to get something. Technically, I wasn’t lying. Told my aunt to start coming in now and we will just surprise mum as you walk through the door. However, when I got back in the house, mum had gone and Chris was pleading for a dance! Really?

I tried to stop my aunt from coming round the corner, but it was too late, and my step-dad saw her and was about to rumble the suprise.

Luckily, mum came out of the bedroom as my aunt was walking in the house. And more importantly I pressed place on the video, just in time!

December’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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