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Today is all about…December 2020

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As December closes the door on what has to be one of the shittiest years, we can only hope that 2021 is an improvement.

Let’s be honest, it couldn’t get any worse. The only way is up. Surely?

Thought of the month: Facebook

Those that know me, are aware that I like to take the occasional break from Facebook.

At the beginning of 2020, I spoke about how I was going to take a break because I couldn’t deal with all the political arguing.

After a month away, I was back, but I wasn’t using it as much as I used to.

‘On a break’

Roll on to September, and I was ‘on a break’ again. For a different reason this time. And to be fair, I haven’t really used it since.

There has been times that I have had experienced FOMO, so I would pop back. And I’d be hit with the reason I stopped using in the first place!

The most notable one was when I logged back on for the first time in over a month, the I see someone has posted something that is blatantly racist! The very first post I saw, and I was like ‘not today Satan’, and I closed the browser!

My most common grievances at the moment, is when the posts are about Brexit, Corona or anti-vaxxers. Now, I respect people will have difference of opinions from me, and I actually like that because I do like a good conversation, and sometimes it opens your eyes to how other people see things. Because, lets be honest, your opinion is not always right.

However, if you opinion is based from a meme, or some random post on the socials, then you’re just not worthy of my time.

Current use

So apart from popping on for the occasional look, and ending up in a loop of watching all the craft videos, I haven’t really posted much on Facebook.

The first actual post that I added to Facebook since the break was in December, to thank everyone for the birthday messages, which I did read. And was probably the longest time I have been on Facebook for a long time.

The only other posts that have been added are some blog posts, which are auto-shared from my site. Originally, this wasn’t the case , but I know some people like to read what is going on.

However for many people, it may not feel like I have been away from Facebook, because the husby is always tagging me in stuff we’re doing.

And I am being kept up to date with the important news, so not to always be out of the loop.

Future use?

So how will, my use of Facebook change in the future. To be honest, I’m not really sure.

I have decided that I won’t be deactivating my account (just yet), as this gives friends and family the opportunity to tag me into stuff and keep everyone in the loop that way.

Plus I need time to try and suss out how I change other website accounts that have been set up with the Facebook login ID, can be changed.

I am currently enjoying the occasional pop-in. Having a gander, and then leaving. I don’t have anything else exciting to say. This whole year hasn’t exactly been a year of personal stories.

However, if I do decide to come back, I will be doing a cull. Mainly for my mental health, I need to remove some of the negativity from my life. I don’t care if you if I’ve known you for a month or my life. If you’ve been a dick, you’re gone.

In fact, I have already removed a few people, who I don’t really know and never interacted with. Or who in the past have being racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic!

Additionally, I have left several groups who have let negativity fester and cause aggravation. Because I don’t want to pop into a group and get shite from someone I don’t know.

And I have always said, that once I remove you from Facebook, then there is no way that a friendship can be had in real life!

Music is all about…Through the years

As December is my birthday month, I’d thought I would dedicate my last music playlist to me.

December’s playlist includes music I love that has been released throughout my 43 years on this planet!

I actually quite liked putting this together, so I hope that you enjoy listening to it.

This month’s highlights


Having previously spoken out about my mental health, especially in relation to my brother’s death. There is nothing worse than ending the year with a mini-breakdown!

To be fair, it’s probably something that has been building. Last month, I had a little health scare, but was trying not to over-react, but inside I was a mess.

As I approached my birthday, it wasn’t something I wanted to acknowledge due to the importance the age. As this was how old my brother was when he died.

On top of all this, the current project I’m working on is challenging. The small frustrations were amplified, and my insecurities grew.

And then, one thing just got to me, and I broke. And because I broke, I broke down even more. And more! To the point, I was struggling to breath, speak or even think straight!

I took a few days off work, to collect my thoughts and to regroup myself.

I’ve never felt so ashamed and embarrassed, at what I did. I can normally control myself a lot better.

Different Xmas & New Year

It was fair to say that 2020 wasn’t going to allow us to have a normal festive season.

And I had some issues and reservations about this year I felt it was unjustifiable that other religious celebrations were cancelled, but Xmas could continue.

And as much as Boris Johnson was stubborn as he soon realised that this planned 5 day holiday (because Covid would just stop spreading) would need to change to a shorter time.

The husby and I already decided that this year would be different. We wouldn’t be seeing the family at Xmas.

Having two large families we couldn’t see both without breaking the rules, plus we also felt it was uncomfortable taking into account some of the other decisions that have been made throughout this year.

Instead, we decided to stay at home and video call the family to celebrate that way.

It’s also the first time that we’ve had Xmas dinner at home, as we normally at the family. And to be honest, I quite liked it, the husby did a great meal, and the whole day was nice and relaxing.

The work Xmas party wasn’t exactly the same as the previous years. Getting drunk at the home office, while we do a Zoom party. Well, I suppose some things don’t change!

For New Year, this is the first time I haven’t been out in nearly 20 years! And it was just not the same. I missed having all the friends around me to celebrate.

However we made what we could with the situation, and we will make sure 2021 will make up for this one.

December’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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