Today is all about…February 2019

February was full of the standard ‘Life of Mike’…fitness, nights out and of course work.

This month did see a special event arrive in Manchester to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Queer as Folk.

The original plan was to go to an event to celebrate the show and it’s music, unfortunately and understandably, this was cancelled at the last minute due to the death of the producer.

However, the second part of the night was to head to Cruz to have a good old boogie. The club was used for the exterior shots for the show’s club, Babylon. So, fittingly Cruz changed the club name for the weekend, and to dress up the club with some of the classics from the show…including the shag tag board.

It is fair to say that a fantastic time was had, and the music was on top form. I generally don’t go to Cruz as a club now, as I feel my age, but the majority of the night’s clientele were around my age, which made it feel nostalgic. But by gawd, realising that we were in the club celebrating a show that I watched when it came out turned 20 didn’t half make me feel old.

And the good new is, that Babylon if going to be back next year to celebrate the show’s 21st…and I can’t wait!

February’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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