Colwyn Castle

Today is all about…February 2020

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It’s been a hectic month, for a number of reasons, but I’m finally sitting down to write about February. Just in time for me to start all over again next month.

Thought of the month: Be Kind

Last year, I extended my photo diary blog to also write about something that had been on my mind during that month. As time has gone on, my ramblings started to grow, and the monthly blogs were becoming huge. Plus, it was taking me longer to write.

So from February, I’ve decided that I will separate my monthly thought into its own blog. This also means that I can write about that during the month instead of waiting until the end of the month.

So, for those that are interested in what goes on in my mind, this month’s ramblings are about the ‘Be Kind‘ campaign that was started after the death of Caroline Flack.

February’s Playlist

This month’s playlist is just another mish-mash of music that I’ve been listening to in February, which is a mixture of old and new.

One of my favourites at the moment is Demo Lovato’s ‘Anyone’. After watching her emotional return to music at the Grammy’s this year.

So enjoy my February’s tuneage:

February Activities

Colwyn Castle

This month saw the husby and I go on an impromptu day trip. We decided to visit Colwyn to have a trip to the castle. I also got the opportunity to see the smallest house in Great Britain.

It was nice to get out of the house and to do something different. It also gave me an opportunity to do some photography, which is what I would like to do more of.

Plus, I got to spend some quality time with the other half. But more importantly, we didn’t kill each other…just!

The plan before the lock(ish) down, was that we would like to do more day trips. So that’s been put on the backburner at the moment, but it is definitely something that will happen once the quarantine has been lifted.


One of my 2020 goals was to try and earn Spanish. And I have been trying to take this seriously.

I have already started using the Duolingo app, which I try and do every day, which I am enjoying using. Although I’m not entirely sold on the app, that could be more me than the app. I feel like I am learning words, and can potentially say some phrases (when I remember), but I don’t think I could have a conversation…just yet.

Furthermore, I also feel like there is an introduction section missing, where you can learn a lot of the basics, like numbers, common greetings, and a proper understanding of verbs/male and female pronounces etc. Yes, you get told this as you go through, but it kinda feels like you’re thrown in instead of slowly introduced to the language.

I have also bought a few textbooks to help. It’s weird that I’ve got exercise books designed for 9-11 year olds, but we all start somewhere.

On a drunken night out, I got chatting to a Spanish guy and was telling him that I trying to learn Spanish.

He informed me that the Spanish get frustrated when people try and speak the language because it is easier for them to speak English than it is to understand someone trying to speak Spanish.

He did teach me a phrase to say to inform people that I’m learning Spanish and would like to practice, so people are more willing to be patient. But, I was drunk and there was no way I was going to remember. But I tried…for 10 minutes.

Home Improvements

After a hectic few months, we decided that we would cut down the nights out. So February was to be a quiet one. If we knew what was going to happen in March, we would have made the most of our free time.

However, using the spare time, we started working through our home improvement list.

The spare room/office has been gutted. Old furniture, including my oversized desk, have all found new homes. After the room was painted, my new desk was built into the alcove. There is still some work that needs to be done, such as adding my shelves, but the room feels a lot bigger and useable. And there is a clear distinction between office and sleeping area now.

We also did a bit more work on the kitchen. I’ve always joked that I would like an island in the kitchen, while this isn’t possible in the current kitchen, we did do the next best thing…we built a breakfast bar!

This has given us the additional storage we needed, but it is now a space that we use quite regularly (I’m currently using it to write this blog). The husby did a good job.

Additionally, we gave the kitchen a bit of colour, adding yellow and grey to break up the white.

There are still a few small jobs that we need to do in the kitchen, but it is a big transformation since moving in.

The next big task on the list is boarding out the loft. I can’t wait for this to be done, as it’ll make the space a more useable storage unit, instead of a dumping ground!

February’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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