Today is all about…January 2019

After purchasing the house last year, the husby and I agreed that we would cut back on the number of nights out that we have. Good job that wasn’t a new year’s resolution, as we’d have failed in January!

However, what a great way to bring in 2019! The plan is still to reduce the nights out because we have got a lot we want to do at home…and we’d also like to get a few trips in this year.

Friends, old and new, play such an integral part of my life this month. Like they have in the past and they will do in the future.

And friendships come in various shapes and sizes. Some are worth the trials and tribulations, while other’s aren’t!

And while the majority of the time, friendships are good, somtimes challenges are put in front of you and you need to decide whether or not that friendship is worth saving. This month, I know the decision I made was correct.

Best and good friends are such an important part of my life. These people are my extended family. And when things go wrong, it hurts. But communication is so important on whether or not it is worth saving. This month a good friendship was worth saving, and probably made stronger.

We all have good friends that we talk/message nearly every day. We have good friends who you don’t see for weeks/months/years and when you do catch up, it’s like it was only yesterday.

Then we have our socialising friends, and then there is social media friends. They also play a part of your life, in some shape or form. Friendships are a complicated thing sometimes.

So here’s the thing, friendships are hard. They are difficult to save or difficult to walk away from. On the other hand, those choices are really simple.

A good friend once said to me, that has stuck with me ever since:

Friendships come and go. It doesn’t mean that the friendship failed, just that it’s done the job that it needed to do!

But I’m not a perfect friend. And sometimes I make mistakes, or do things that people may not approve of. But the opinions and discussions that I will have, are only with the those that I class as my best or good friends.

But enough of being deep, let’s talk about one of the biggest highlights that I had with friends this month…the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

A large group of us descended on Manchester’s Opera House, dressed up as various characters from the show and we had a ball. I went as Magenta, which scaringly made me look like my mum from the 90s. I also got to meet Beverly Collard at the end which was really cool.

Comparison on me (dressed as Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show) and my mum in the nineties

It’s highlights like these that have gave 2019 a great start. And I hope that this continues throughout the rest of the year.

January’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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