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Today is all about…January 2021

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As January, the longest month of the year, ends it is clear that the start of 2021 is still going to be a shit show.

President Fart predictably led America to domestic terrorism. But he’s now out of power, so that’s a positive.

In our country, our Poundland version of Trump has the great pleasure of being responsible for a country reaching 100k Covid deaths. The highest in Europe and death/population ratio is one of the highest, if not the top, in the world!

It’s not something to be proud of, but they’ll just clap on their doorstep, and pretend that they care!

Granted, I do need to praise the roll-out of the vaccination. It’s amazing what can be achieved when you put the professionals in charge!

We have to acknowledge that 2021, won’t be normal. Although I believe that it will improve and some sort of normality will return. I need to have some sort of faith, otherwise, I don’t think I’d get through the year.

Thought of the Month: 10 Years of ‘Today is all about…’

This year marks the ten year anniversary of my ‘Today is all about’ project.

This is something that I started to provide a bit of destressing while at university. Turned out to be just as stressful!!

I reflect on the last 10 years and the plans on going forward. Changes that I feel has brought back some freedom and an air of new excitement.

Monthly Highlights


As part of this year’s goals, I plan to get fit again. Because quite frankly, last year was an embarrassment!

Now that I have been working from home, the major thing that has stopped is my walking commutes to work. So this month, I’ve started to go for a walk every day.

Throughout January, I have tried a few home workouts with no success. This is something that I’ve discussed before. So I have tried to do these in my own company, after midnight, and it’s the last thing that I want to do!

I also tried the new Apple Fitness+ app, and as much as I wanted to support it and think it is a good concept, I left thinking it’s absolutely pointless unless you have an Apple TV (which I don’t). So my free subscription was cancelled early!

I have also tried Boxx (which I got a free subscription through work), that allows me to mirror classes to my TV without having to pay hundreds of pounds for equipment. And to be honest, I was happier with this app, apart from knowing that I can’t punch for toffee and became self-conscious that the guy on the screen was judging me!

After two weeks of walking and the other exercise I’ve done, I expected to lost a little bit of weight. Did I fuck! Instead, I had put on 1kg!

Granted trying to eat all the Christmas chocolates in January didn’t help!

Serious head

Placing my serious head on, I know that I struggle with public exercise, so that I needed to get outside of my comfort zone a little.

So during my lunch, I’d head to the local park and run a few laps.

It’s been years since I’ve run, and my back didn’t want to play, so I had to stop a lot and walk. But like with walking, I started to get further distances with each exercise.

On a positive note, the running and avoiding the remaining Christmas chocolates, I was able to lose 1.5kg in the last 2 weeks of January. So, I am pleased with that.

Gym membership

I have made the difficult decision to cancel my gym membership until normal classes are resumed, which I can’t see happening for a long time.

For now, I’ll continue to walk and run to improve my fitness and stamina. As soon as normality has resumed, so will my gym membership!


In December, the husby was meant to have an operation, but it was cancelled. Which was then rescheduled for January.

Thankfully, the operation went ahead but it did mean that he was out of action for a while. And I had to put my nurse’s outfit on to support the patient.

To be honest, talking into account his low pain threshold, he was actually not that bad a patient.

It has been nice having him around the house, but I can’t wait until he goes back to work. Just more for my sanity of having to hear daytime tv blaring out downstairs!

Weekly Meal Planning

With the husby out of action, it meant that I had to cook the tea. I hate cooking, because I hate opening the cupboard and having no idea what to do!

So, I started planning the weeks meals in advance, and made sure we had everything we needed in advance. And now, I don’t actually mind cooking.

It has also got me trying new things instead of our standard go-to meals.

We have even been making sure that we pick meals that use stuff that we have in the house, so the freezer is staying maintainable.

We’ve hardly had any ready meals…or chips. Although, I generally stayed away from them anyway.

This is definitely something that I would like to continue doing from now on. And I will be sharing the cooking duties with the husby from now on.

January’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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