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Julys thought of the month

Throughout life, we are giving many opportunities. Sometimes we turn them down because of the unknown. Sometimes, there is a possibility that’s a little out of reach, so you need to fight to be given a chance.

I’ve seen many friends take their opportunities by the horns and relocate (city and country), or change their careers…among other things. I was given an opportunity (albeit with a little push) to do something that I probably wouldn’t have done.

Looking back, there have been many missed opportunities because I was scared of the unknown and I kind of regret not doing anything about it.

However, the biggest opportunity arose nearly 10 years ago when I was made redundant. I was given two, the first to train as a financial adviser, which I declined. The other was to go to university and change careers to become a web developer. This is the opportunity I took, and 100% believe that it was the correct one as well.

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes – don’t be afraid and regret it later.

July’s activities


It’s been a long time coming, but this July saw a gaggle of gays go camping. Basically it’s us pitching our tents at Tan-Y-Fron Holiday Park, drinking alcohol and having a good all catch-up…away from the club music!

Camping isn’t something that I would normally choose as an activity, but we had a good weekend, sitting around the campfire bitching about life.

Manchester Rubbermen

July also saw the Manchester Rubbermen hold a Summer Sweat weekend, and it’s fair to say that I was extremely anxious as I’ve let someone get to me.

I’ve become aware that an old ‘friend’ has been telling people things about me, the same people that he called toxic and is now sucking up to, and I feared that he was turning people against me!

I didn’t (and still don’t to be honest) feel like I was able to talk to people that I’ve known for years, and no longer felt like I was part of the rubber community anymore.

However, I went, I should face and I had a good time. I just kept myself to myself. I know and have been told by many, that they’ve heard what was said and they took it with a pinch of salt. Something I greatly appreciate, and I hope that the others think that too.

Small steps, but hopefully I will feel part of the rubber community again very soon.

South Africa

At the end of July, I flew out to South Africa with work. This wasn’t something that I ever thought I was going to do in my life, so when it was offered I jumped at the opportunity…even though I flew out on the husby’s birthday.

To be fair, I didn’t get much of an opportunity to see much of Joburg (it was mainly hotel to the office), but it was still a really good experience. And from a work perspective, it was very much worth the trip.

Everyone that I met was really nice and friendly, and it was an experience that I will always remember.

I didn’t find it fascinating, that one night we had Greek, in an Italian themed mall with an American casino in the middle of South Africa…and there were all nations of the UK around the table.

And I did make it up to the husby, for shooting off for on his birthday, he got another tribal mask to add to his collection. Granted, it was probably made in China, the authentic ones were way outside my price range, but it came from South Africa and he liked it.

July’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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