Today is all about…July 2020

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We’re over half-way through 2020, which has to be one of the most bizarre years I’ve experienced. With July come and gone, I do hope 2021 is ready to come in with a reset button!

Thought of the month: Lockdown returns…kinda!

At the end of July, while have an al fresco meal with friends, we got the Breaking News that at midnight, Greater Manchester was going back into lockdown…kinda!

What came out was so confusing, and actually made no sense. No one from different households were allowed to meet up, at home or at bar/restaurants. But, you could still meet outside, but not always just depends where that out is! As they days went on (while in lockdown), the rules kept on changing to clarify things.

I mean, it would of helped if they actually sat down and planned things out, and involved the local council so they were prepared, but they didn’t! It’s like they made the announcement on a whim to prevent something!

I’m sure it was just coincidental that the weekend that lockdown was put into force was also the same weekend that Muslims celebrated Eid (al-Adha). And some of the areas placed into lockdown contain a large proportion of those members of society. 🤔

I’m not being funny, but this isn’t the first time that the goverment have targeted BAME specific events, yet things like VE celebrations and people congregating on London Bridge to clap for the NHS were totally ignored.

On the other side, it’s well documented that BAME people appear to be at a higher risk to COVID, so wanting to protect this part of society is understandable, but be honest about it.

Fact is, this is a shit-show that the government have, and I don’t expect the new rules to be followed by all. Why would they? And as much as the government will try and blame us, the responsibility is on them!

Music is all about…Summer

Summer has kind of passed us really. Yeah, we’ve had some nice hot weather…while in lockdown, so could do fuck all!

So the playlist for July is some good old summer tune-age. Mainly new ones, but there’s a few classics thrown in too.

It’s be great for a wee party…if you were allowed one!

So enjoy July’s playlist:

This month’s highlights

ChippyTuesday™ Returns

With lockdown easing, we held our last Virtual ChippyTuesday™ Quiz, to return to the way it should be.

The virtuals have been great to keep in contact with friends, especially when they’re in other countries. So we may keep some sort of Virtual ChippyTuesday™, but not a quiz.

We had three ChippyTuesdays™ this month, including Luke & Marc who we had to cancel just before lockdown. I’m glad that we could finally get the boys round for their first one. It’s been years coming.

Normality, has nearly resumed!

Return to the Gym

Gyms re-opened in July, and I was happy to get my ass back in there. I did try a few of the zoom classes, and it just didn’t work for me.

Before returning to the gym, I decided to weigh myself before lockdown. I knew I put weight on, but not the amount that I had. I was shooketh! Taken into account muscle loss, I’d put on a stone!

And I can tell that too. Not just by the way I look (lockdown padding), but during classes too. I feel so unfit, and I’m sweating like there is no tomorrow. I’m actually sweating before I start because of the 20 minute walk to the gym!

The steps put in by the gym to take into account the restrictions required, is spot on. So congrats to Benji & Melissa.

But I’m back, and I’m going to get myself back to a place where I feel comfortable in my body again.

Chris’ Birthday

July also saw a huge milestone, as the husby turned 50. And this wasn’t something that I was going to let pass quietly.

It started with me trolling him on Facebook, daily, on the run-up to his birthday, with GIFs of his head plastered on others.

Dancing man in a bikini, with the husbands head over the morphed over his.

I also arranged for a family get together on his birthday. He had no idea. He thought it was just going to be my mum, then my niece with the great-nephew turned up. Followed by his brother-in-law and the rest of his family.

Although stressed as he wasn’t prepared and was making tea, he said he loved the surprise. So all was a success.

Additionally, I commissioned CJTaylord Art to paint one of Chris’ favourite Disney villains, Ursula. He absolutely loves it, and has pride and place in the living room.

Disney Ursula glass painting by CJTaylord Art

On the Friday, we also visited VIA for the traditional birthday meal with the parents, before finishing the night off with a few drinks with friends.

It’s the first time we had been to VIA since the COVID restrictions, and it was brilliant. I’d quite happily just carry on sitting at the table and ordering drinks from an app from now on.

There was another surprise planned for Chris’ birthday celebrations at the weekend, but as that is August, I’m saying nothing!

July’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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